05 December, 2007

Moreon Grooverider

The Times of London picks up the story
Although Grooverider is known primarily as a DJ and presenter, he is also a recording artist under his artist name and the “Codename John” moniker. He also runs one of the most prestigious drum-and-bass imprints: Prototype Recordings. Local legal experts said that the high profile of Grooverider made the issue an important test case for local authorities.

Ram Nath, the music promoter who organised the show, said that he warned Mr Bingham of the strict laws of the country before his departure from London. “I sent a fax to him explaining all of our laws, including what he could and could not bring into the country. Unfortunately, he was booked by police before he got out of the airport,” Mr Nath said.

More than a thousand fans were left disappointed after paying £25 for a ticket to the show, according to Mr Nath. He plans to sue Mr Bingham’s London management company for losses. The BBC has declined to comment on the case.


Dubai Jazz said...

I am not sure what will happen to him, but if it was up to me, I'd crown him as the world champion of stupidity.
Not gloating over the chap's ordeal, but WTF? hasn't he seen it coming?

Dubai Jazz said...

A question: since he has flown from London, how was he able to get the weed past the luggage scrutiny?

Grumpy Goat said...

I think there may be a small spelling error in the title of this post...

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