30 August, 2011

Double standards

To all those celebrating, here's you all a Happy Eid Al Fitr.

An interesting article appeared in today's Gulf News, which in turn prompted me to write this post after a hiatus.

29 days of stringent (Bravo! to all those I say that endured the daily 15 hours) fasting has just ended and the GCC Authorities have already published a number amounting to $5.8 Billion in terms of loss of revenue to their GDP. This loss was attributed to reduced working hours.


Religion and Money do bond after all.

I suppose that loss would have prompted the Government to declare a 2-day holiday for the UAE's Private Sector making everyone go back to work on Thursday while the Public Sector bigwigs get to party 9-days (2 weekends included) straight-up.

What about the loss of incoming revenue due to 5 days of no-work hours at the Public Sector? Has this been considered or its just that sector continues to reap all benefits at someone else' expense?

The GCC's two-faced policies have never surprised me. After all, that's what walking a thin rope and juggling is all about. One tilt sideways and the show's over.

And on that note, I wish one and all Happy Holidays.


fizzzerk said...

Should there be a difference in govt and private sector holidays? I don't any reason why there should be. It's work for all.

Anonymous said...

what exactly are you upset about? If you are a business owner, you dont want the government to be telling you how many days to give off to your employees. The public sector - in almost all countries around the world - gets longer public holidays. There is no 'juggling' or 'double standard'; get over your self and your double standards: you came here for financial reasons, don't allow yourself to pass judgement on others.

Chick Flick Journal said...

mbarken 3eidkm!

"Religion and Money do bond after all" lol:p

Usman Sajeel Haider said...

Each nation has a thinking of its own, and its not necessary that finance always tops the priority list. For most Muslim nations and their people, religion IS a priority.

While I respect your opinion, its true in a sense, as the financial loss WILL be there. But you must also respect their values.

Lastly, UAE can afford this loss, theyre the high rollers. I think thats why we are all here as well :)

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