09 October, 2014

Is Anybody Still Out There?

This is a graphical representation of exactly how much publishing activity has died off here.

It is pretty grim. I'm as much to blame as anyone, since I pretty much quit posting when I left and haven't added anything since I've been back.

On the bright side, by posting this I have doubled this year's output.


Para Glider said...

And by responding, I may well have doubled this year's comment quota. Onwards and upwards....

Brn said...

The journey of 1000+ posts (and comments) starts with a single click.

My Yellow Bells said...

by following this site and commenting here might help

samuraisam said...

I've long wanted to start the site again however owing to extreme work commitments have been unable to do so.

I did make the offer to pass on the blog (I don't think secret dubai is interested in posting anymore?) a few years back but nobody really stepped up to the plate.

I will be able to start posting again soon and do have a genuine interest in building up the site again.

If anyone who I can remember is interested in admin access shoot me an email at sam@samurai-sam.com.

Unfortunately most of the comments in the past few years have been generic SEO spam and shitty content.

Whilst I have interest in this site still I can't see any reason to be at all lenient with this form of crap content as it brings down the general worth of the website in the eyes of Google and viewers in general.

If anyone has any suggestions feel free to post or email.

Brn said...

I have been trying to keep up with the comments from time-to-time, but as I say, my puny efforts have left me in no position to blame anyone else. I am going to try to post more things here and actually use my blog too.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this site will ever get the same peaks as the audiences have turned to facebook or twitter. For me though I've always preferred blogs.

tobasco said...

shame really. Tis was a good & vibrant community blog

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