18 February, 2009

Dubai vs Germaine Greer

If you haven't read about it already Germaine Greer, from the Guardian UK, wrote a one sided slam article about her 4 hour stop in Dubai.

Greer article

What followed was a torrent of comments (which you can read in the article) and a great counter article from a writer and editor with Explorer Publishing.

Counter article


Mohammed said...

Such articles are the other side of the coin wrt articles which praise Dubai as a modern day utopia, where everyone owns 3 cars, takes 6 holidays a year, and owns 3 villas.

hemlock said...

Dubai has an intrinsic impermanence by virtue of its ever-changing skyline and its workforce of expats who are forever coming and going. Many find this constant flux energising and revitalising, rather than seeing it as a reflection of the city's superficiality.

hear! hear! i for one certainly do, and love that about dubai.

also, i think blonde is Germaine Greer's natural hair colour. and im impressed the 4-hour bus tour told her about Dubai's stocks and Emaar's value.

bloody hell, she went touring with the BIG BUS COMPANY! argggh! i bet for 'substance' in her story, she turned to Google.

Grumpy Goat said...

Is Germaine Greer a Female Eunuch? She certainly seems to spout a load of ill-researched billhooks.

The Wizard of D said...

Germaines of the world can come .... and go!!! Butt the next time she is here she better have a word with me.

So that I can tell her a thing or two about London. And I haven't even been to London!! :-)

No offence meant to any Londoner. I guess each city has its issues. So long as 'progress' is being made, we are on the right track.

Germaine's commentary has some much venon and inaccuracies that I seriously doubt her intentions and integrity

rosh said...

Germaine Geer wrote an article, based on a *4* hour bus ride across DXB - and the bozos at Guardian *published* (and paid her) for this fly-by-write up?

WOW...I mean, W-O-W!

Gulf News, you've got competition.

Bush Mechanic said...

Folks, it's Germaine Greer. It's what she does. The original troll(ess) before then internet was. I can't even be bothered to read her latest diatribe because it will be more of the same s**t.

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