08 February, 2009


Is it just me or is anybody else having internet problems today?

It's slower than it was when the three cables were broken in the Med. I'm sitting here watching nothing happening for minutes on end and more often than not eventually get the 'couldn't open the web page' message.

I've tried the usual, in the usual order. Shouted at the computer, switched it off and restarted it, shouted at it again, hit it. Nothing works.

Another cable gone maybe?


DUBAI JAZZ said...

I had this problem for a little while this morning. I switched to firefox and it seems to be ok now.

what's your browser Seabee?

A said...

Select Manual Proxy Configuration in internet browser settings and enter the following:

HTTP Proxy: proxy1.emirates.net.ae

Port: 8080

nick said...

A bit wonky for me as well, I'm on du in the free zone - another reason for me to have an extra long lunch break today.

unJane said...

No problem for me today but yesterday was s..l..o..w and ATM's wouldn't cough up any cash.

Mars said...

it was wonky. etisalat apparently.

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