23 February, 2009

Tons of Cash found in Dubai Laundry: Police Looking for the owner

Around 5 million dollars has been found in a Dubai laundry shop late last night. The police asked the customers at the laundry if it belonged to them but none of them claimed ownership, some even claimed that they didn’t even notice the money on the floor shop.  Police are still looking for the owner.

In an unrelated incident, an irate Russian man was escorted out of the shop for shouting obscenities for no apparent reason.


Anonymous said...

I gladly claim ownership!


Anonymous said...

source ? I'm leaning towards gulf news, with the headline "economic crisis over, people using cash in lieu of static sheets in dryers"

Anonymous said...

clever clogs

Anonymous said...

the most racist crap i've heard all day.

Female Chauvinistic Pig said...


samuraisam said...

Russians are after you


BuJassem said...

oh this is brilliant!!!! btw, the nickname is great too, although a bit too obvious :)

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