26 February, 2009

3rd Bienniel Muslim - Christian Dialogue in Knowledge Village

Some of the students of UOWD are organizing the 3rd Muslim - Christian Dialogue this coming Monday night from 7pm to 10pm in the Knowledge Village Freezone Auditorium. Jumeira Islamic Learning Center sent an announcement recently as well. The topic is "Who is God and How are We Saved?".

Four years ago the group invited Thabiti Anyabwile and Sheikh Tahir Khalid to speak together. Two years ago they invited Pastor Anyabwile and Ahmed Hamed. This year Bassam Zawadi will speak from the Muslim perspective.

The purpose of the event is to foster friendly dialogue and peaceful understanding between Christians and Muslims. All are welcome but especially students. A 60 minute audience question and answer portion will be a part of the program.

Directions: Enter Knowledge Village from Al Sofouh Rd near the base of the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Media City. Parking is available adjacent to Al Sofouh Road. Auditorium is in Block 1 KV Conference Center near the central KV roundabout.

If approaching from Shaikh Zayed Rd, please take exits to KV and proceed to the parking area next to Al Sofouh Road.


Veiled Muslimah said...

Bassam Zawaidi is mashallah good. Wish I could make it, but i doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Who is God?

A question people have been trying to answer for only God knows how long, and somehow magically it will be answered in Dubai?

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to this and have an educated debate not on "who god is" but wether he exists and the absurdity of religion.

However, given most attitudes in this region, I'd be lucky to walk out of there with my head still attached to my body.

Brian64 said...

You should come! We'll try to see to it that you're able to walk away with your head attached. And maybe even mind stretched and enlightened :)

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