02 February, 2009


This is a genuine request. Is there a fellow blogger residing in the city of Abu Dhabi who can recommend a good doctor (GP)? I really would like to see someone who not only understands English the first time it's spoken, but has a professional manner & is prepared to explain exactly what is going on. Am I asking the impossible?

I can be contacted via the email address on my profile.

Many thanks


the real nick said...

Wot the problem my friend? Inshallah, we will see.

Jayne said...

That about sums it up Nick!

CG said...


Jayne said...

Thanks CG :-)

Anonymous said...

American-European Medical Center.

Dr. Ahmad Nakad.....

He earned an MD in the US. Speaks fluent English, French, and Arabic.

i*maginate said...

Sorry, Jayne...! Even the ones in Dubai that I have experienced are not worth writing home about :(

But people recommend American Hospital, which I have no experience with yet, and which I may try at some point.

If comparing with 'Western' standards, I am also looking for recommendations - anywhere across the UAE.

There must be a reason why Germany and the Far East are hotspots for UAE visitors!

Jayne said...

Thanks anon & i*
For the 'problem' I have, I caved in & went back to LaughLine Hospital here in AD. It's become rather jacked up since the last time I went (& a radiologist told me I had a nice uterus, which funnily enough was removed more than 20yrs ago).
I didn't have an appointment, but was seen by a specialist within 20mins, who understood every word I said & went to great lengths to explain what I needed to do.

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