31 January, 2009

Thank you Fujairah

I want to post this for all the folks that visited Fujairah this Friday and came to our fundraiser - Fujairah Country Fair - at the Fujairah Tennis & Country Club. It is a slightly long post so please be patient.

Organising a fair first hand was a lot of hard work but the good folks up and down the East Coast of UAE were very supportive and I want to use this public forum to say thank you.

Let me start with the Fujairah Tennis and Country Club. They were generous to us from the start. They allowed us to use their facilities to hold meetings, promote our cause, donated prizes and last but not least allowed us to take over their lawns and car park to set up our stands for the Fair. We cannot thank you enough.

Next on my list has to be Patrick and his team at Le Meridien. Once again - he promised support and delivered in spades. Gave us wonderful prizes that helped us to draw in the funds through our raffles.

For the country fair - I want to also thank Pete Martin - who drove to Fujairah with 4 hours sleep - to DJ at the fair for free, 11th Hour - a group of young people trying to break into the entertainment scene, the fire department, and the volunteers that helped to man the stands and this included a whole host of people and some whose names I do not remember - but all of them baked, pickled, potted, painted, distributed flyers, carried, plied, cajoled, bullied, did whatever was necessary to bring it altogether.

And once again - thank you all for coming and spending your money. I trust you all had fun - I know we all did. This will make a great deal of difference to 49 orphans in Nepal, and at least one of the families in Welfare Association of Fujairah's Family Development project.


rosh said...

Congratulations Mita. I assume the weather at fabulous Fujairah was amazing.

Minnie said...


A friend of mine is facing financial trouble in Dubai and I wonder if anyone here has any advice for him He is truly sincere in sorting this out. Please check out the details here.


Thank you

Mita said...

Thank you Rosh for your kind words - the weather was great - came away with some sunburn and giant panda eyes but it was worth it.

Mita said...

To Minnie, if your friend's family and friends cannot help - perhaps you should try your consulate. I know that the Indian consulate has a non-profit group that helps to clear debts.

Eddie said...

Hey, how come I never knew about this..??? sniff sniff, I would have loved to go there...

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