10 January, 2009

A New Day in Gaza

They are those who would you like you to believe that there is justification for this brutal onslaught. Some would site defense, others would refer to the fight of terrorism and some would even blame the victim. None would ever mention that this is an occupation, and occupation that is merciless, and an occupation that has lasted more than any other in modern history.

Many have preached the virtues of freedom, democracy and understanding, most of them now either are quiet, and the disgusting ones try to force their sick rationalizing down our throats. They want us to see why our children, women and men need to be killed. They want us to stand up applaud every time a young freedom fighter is blown to pieces and call it progress towards peace. A new middle east, they say.

To them I say that the children in Gaza are our children, their families are our own families, and the freedom fighters are our hope for a new tomorrow. We will not let them suffer no more; we will not stand by and let vampires have their way. Palestine for us is all of Palestine, and we will send our ghetto visitors to their ghetto homes sooner or later.

Today all across the Middle East people protested, and many in Dubai and the rest of the Emirates did the same, and today the resistance, in the embargo ridden land, is still standing tall. Today, 6 toddlers where found alive next the bodies of their mothers, scared and hungry in their home in Gaza.

We are all Gaza today, and are all Palestinians. To the rest of the world, take your hypocrisy elsewhere.

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Kyle said...

Post Author:

Seriously, this is gettin' kinda old!

That, and all those holier-than-thou-righteous lines in this post that gives me, a subscriber to this Community Journal, an impression that you believe the whole world is applauding this fiasco. Please take your self-confessed alliances elsewhere before you judge or make a blanket accusation against me or anybody.

Besides, I can't fathom a single valid reason or an objective behind this post. Unless, it is meant to serve a dual-fold purpose;

First, to advertise one-self.

Second, to stir & fuel further emotions and eventually have (Blog) Admin step in, issue warnings before disabling comments or for that matter delete this post.

So, unless you can act as a worthy moderator of this post, this one's a no-go!

Oh, and by the way, you'd have to tone down the rhetoric in this one if you want to hang-tight to a moderator's role in this one.

Arab Lady said...

Would love to thank UAE government for the unconditional support & its blessed humanitarian initiatives which aim at supporting the needy people all over the world esp in gaza & Palestine…..

However, a radical political solution should be sought to stop the tragedy & holocaust going on in gaza….we cant wait until the ppl there get abolished & then we rush to give a hand & mourn their grief!

Arab political systems must make a move! I cant understand why the hell Egypt is supplying Israel with Natural gas while they are cutting off & blocking humanitarian aids to Palestinians….

Ethical cleansing wars committed in Gaza in the modern era & in time super power countries brag about “ Human Rights”, “Freedom” , & “Justice” !!

Where is the justice for God’s sake

Anonymous said...

bomb bomb Israel
go go Hamas

Anonymous said...

Well responded Kyle - my sentiments entirely!

Sal said...

God, Kyle, you're such a racist, closed-minded bully.

Whenever someone posts something with the hint of support for Palestine, I can be sure that you'll be there producing a half-assed argument about how people should not voice their opinions because it will stir emotional responses. You seem to have missed the memo about what opinions are, and what a conversation is.

The vexing thing about your "clever, and very well-thought arguments", is that you don't get into a conversation with the people who come here and voice their opinions with the risk of dealing with the likes of you, instead you just stand there practically shouting that they should not even consider casually mentioning the word Palestine because it offends your "peace-loving" sensibilities (as what happened here).

And trust me, buddy, no amount of words like "one-self", bold HTML tags, and other grammatical techniques, can make your arguments any stronger. Not even a thousand Anonymous minions who might flock here to agree with your crap.

And I don't know what is it that makes you feel you have the supernatural power to devise what are the evil intentions that has driven people to post something in defense of Palestine, every damn time. You are not using a super-duper, x-ray powered Motivation Revealer™ gun, are you?

Trust me man, you are not as open-minded as you might think. And the only thing that's getting old is your weakly-veiled attacks with the same old tired argument.

hemlock said...

kyle, on my facebook, in my inbox, in my cellphone, i find pictures of gaza casualties and messages full of anger and frustration from people all over the world.

no matter how i try to avoid the topic or have an opinion about it, i am forced into accepting that people are being killed and families torn apart. (to be objective, ive removed the adjective of 'innocent' behind people, and used killed instead of 'brutally murdered')...

with the kind of attention the media and the internet are giving israel's current offensive, it is making a lot of people very very angry. (i suppose it wouldnt be so bad if GN wasnt doing a gaza special every day full of bloody pictures and BBC wasnt opening it's hourly updates with Gaza - which it was the last i checked before turning off the tv).

the sooner this is over, the sooner we can all go back to pretending it never happened and to ignoring the whole israel/palestine conflict.

Cheeky Minx said...

@ Kyle, I understand that this may be getting "kinda old" to you, but please understand that it will never get old to those amongst us whose hearts are bleeding over what is happening in Gaza.

Yes I understand that for some, it may just be a subject of debate that's annoyingly getting into rhetoric mode, but for many others it is a bitter reality that burns their hearts and gives them sleepless nights.

So if the subject is getting on your nerves Kyle even as you don't applaud this fiasco, to spare yourself, may I kindly suggest that you momentarily interrupt your subscription to this Community Journal until, as Hemlock says, it is over and we can all go back to pretending it never happened..? Because as long as the blood of Gazans will be spilled, I'm assuming we'll be hearing a lot about it here, and rightly so.

Tell me, wouldn't you feel the same as we do today if it was your people being ruthlessly killed while the world watches on...? Wouldn't the community blogs in your country be going "rhetoric" big way too...? Think about it... So give some leeway to Phaedrus here, try to put yourself in his shoes and feel where it pinches..

@ Phaedrus, while I 100% understand the frustration and sorrow that have caused you to write this post, please do not make the mistake of putting everyone from "the rest of the world' in the same basket. There are countless non-Muslims from all over the world who are denouncing Israel's offensive for what it is, namely a terrorist act. They deserve to be acknowledged.

Yes I know, there are some in our own community of bloggers here, usually prompt to denounce terrorist acts and injustices, who have gone uncharacteristically silent here these days and next to gloat on their personal blogs... I won't take names, I trust they recognise themselves... But let not these few obliterate the fact that many, many others genuinely care. So please, don't wear blinkers, don't burn bridges. Peace has a lasting chance only if we keep talking to each other constructively and reach out for one another with sincerity and respect. Someone has to take the initiative in that. Let's be the ones to do it here on this blog.

Kyle said...

the sooner this is over, the sooner we can all go back to pretending it never happened and to ignoring the whole israel/palestine conflict.


That's where I disagree with you or anybody else here.

I don't (want to) pretend that this never happened because it did. It did, and the most it affected was all those innocents (infants/kids/women) caught in the crossfire just because grown-up adults - around them - continue(d) using them as pawns to advance/boost their egos.

Sorry, but this is not a chess game where those afore-mentioned (human beings) are pieces on a board that you allow to be liquidated in a Jihadist campaign. Those Hamas twerps owe just the contrary to those exact same people that voted for them. They owe them a hope for the future, security, peace, harmony and a good life, just like the one you and I and everybody else here lives. So, instead of being grateful, they bring their Gaza brethren nothing but misery, grief, and death. How come, no one is looking at this issue from that angle?

One thing I won't accept from anybody is their labeling me or anyone else, be it directly or indirectly, as complicit advocates of this conflict especially when I passionately echo pacifist sentiments in direct relation to this disproportionate conflict.

This conflict will never be solved through flexing of muscles and the sooner Hamas realizes it, the better for Palestinians in Gaza.


rosh said...

"Peace has a lasting chance only if we keep talking to each other constructively and reach out for one another with sincerity and respect. Someone has to take the initiative in that. Let's be the ones to do it here on this blog."

Well told Cheeky - too bad, Hamas and Israel, don't practice such approach with absolute sincerity, more often. Likewise on this blog - have a look at comments toward Lirun.

Kyle said...

Sal & Cheeky Minx:

Read my response to Hemlock to understand where I come from. If that is considered 'racist', then so be it. I'll take that as a compliment to my humane & pacifist views.

To you and everybody else, I chose to post (here) under my own name instead of being a coward with a fake name under a guise.

Bridget Jones said...

TP, tsk tsk re: the sweeping generalisations! Hold your high horses young man! We ain't all hypocrites as you seem to think, nor do ALL Muslims support the wave of solidarity towards Gaza! I believe we all know - personally or on the blogosphere - a few who couldn't care less ha! Miss Jones certainly does!

In case you missed it TP, do allow this Bridget to share with you that French President Nicholas Sarkozy was busying himself trying to arrive at a solution while many Arab leaders were adopting a low profile... Surely that gets some credit in your books? Yes? Good! :)

BTW, what does the pic on the top left (the one with people in it) represent? Me curious! :)

Kyle, cut the boy some slack as CM says. Hemlock is right, with the images the media is vehiculing, it's a tad hard to remain emotionally detached!

BTW, Bridget thinks Hemlock was being ironic when she said the bit about pretending it never happened... Cheeky Hemlock ha! ;)

Talking of cheeks, hats off CM for the mediation attempt between Kyle and TP!

Sal, Miss Jones is rather impressed with super-duper-x-ray-powered-Motivation-Revealer™-gun! She's into word creation (and copyrights of course!) herself you know, so she recognises talent when she sees it ha! ;)

Guys, Bridget has a question. It's seriously something that puzzles her. So please, humour her.

Here goes and I speak under your correction: both Jews and Arabs believe in (eternal) life after death, correct? Both Judaism and Islam preach about this life being ephemeral and not worthy to get overly attached to, and that there is better in store in the next one for those who do good deeds, correct?

Then pray tell, why oh why are Arabs and Jews fighting so viciously over a piece of land that they will inexorably leave behind?? How is it upholding Islam or Judaism to mercilessly kill one another??

These ain't rhetorical questions (ha!) and Bridget would appreciate your shedding some light for her, merci! :)

BuJ please? Lirun? DubaiJazz? Anyone else please? Thank you! :)

Emaratiya said...

The freedom fighters throwing of rockets at its occupied masters are tagged terrorists. The hell fire and horrors unleashed consuming countless innocent lives by the occupying masters on the occupied is considered a peace effort!! Compassion, humanity, peace, justice, security, democracy, human rights, brotherhood... dear victims don't be mesmerized... these are just beautiful words!! Fight on, that is the only way forward!!

samuraisam said...

"Someone has to take the initiative in that. Let's be the ones to do it here on this blog."

I've been living in the region for a while and a half; I've been seeing graphic pictures in the paper and on the news and on the internet for years -- I now just program them out of my mind. I can say that I am completely uneducated (which I have no intention of changing) on the conflict and on casually glancing at articles every now and then shows me that there are multiple levels of propaganda (in various forms) from both sides of the fence; there is no end to the argument and whether you like it or not, no matter how optimistic you are, there is an extremely unlikely chance of the conflict ending in the next 100 years. People have fought over land before we were born, they'll continue to do so.

Nothing you write on this blog will change the conflict. No email you send will change the conflict. Nothing you think, nothing you do will change anything, short of flying over there yourself.

Before anyone even tries to argue with that; out of the last 1000 visitors there were 2 from Israel and 0 from Palestine. You can argue till the ends of the earth all you want about it, but this isn't even a proper platform for such a discussion.

Lirun said...


read the hamas charter and you might get an idea..


s said...

A blog like this does help in this way: The UAE and a number of other GCC hold a unique position in being the home to a significant proportion of non-arabs who actually can play an important role in bridging the gap between the arab world and other regions in this world. Why have those two Israeli for instant chosen to visit this blog?

Believe you me, if you ask those of us who are part of this group, the rest of the world is not particularly informed about many things related to this region. Plus some arabs in the GCC in particular seem naively focussed mainly on their own sphere and the US of A. Hence, the big picture gets lost in all this.

Blogs play a role in that they help influence public opinion which is particularly important in democratic countries. So for example even though almost 100% of democrat senators in the US support Israel's action, only 45% democrat voters support the action. The senators can't hold their position without their voters. So they care more about their voters than Israel or Timbuktu. These voters are now turning to non-mainstream media, like the Internet. Even the Israeli defence force is using Twitter and Youtube! Why?

Why is Gazan blogger Sameh Habbeb told to stop blogging or he will get killed and why does he keep blogging?

What is the result?
"There were promises that the Americans would use their veto, which unfortunately were not kept, apparently under pressure from Arab countries," Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit claimed on Israel's public television.

I doubt it is just the Arab countries who put pressure on the US. The people of America have done it, the people of Palestine have done it, the people of Israel have done it, with the people of the world. Something the Israeli politicians don't want to tell their people. If the Israeli government tells the Israeli people that world opinion is turning against Israeli and American leaders about this war, of course the Israeli people won't like this news and their leaders will risk losing power. So they just say dismissively "the Arabs".

Please see relevant post on 10/1/09 under this link:

Comes from a blogger who has also made a difference in his own way:http://www.motherjones.com/news/outfront/2008/05/mr-jarrar-goes-to-washington.html

It may all seem overwhelming, but who ever thought one guy in a loin cloth could overthrow the British empire that occupied his nation for 400 years. He also managed to suck in many around the world to join in, including the British people themselves! Trust a "Hind" to fool people :-)

So habibi stop crying in your beer or mineral water or starbucks coffee and join in!

To quote:
"There are concrete steps that people can take, learning from the lessons of the first Intifada and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign to dismantle the South African Apartheid regime. Strategies of popular resistance, strikes, occupations, direct actions. From the streets into the offices, factories and headquarters is where we need to take this fight, to the heart of decision-makers that are supposedly making decisions on our behalf and the companies making a killing out of the occupation. The third intifada needs to be a global intifada."
Ewa Jasiewicz-ISM (founded by Palestinians and Israelis)

Kyle said...

Hey Bridget:

This Sal (dude or dudette) reminds me of a term and I think this is the right place to use it. It's called Sai Burr Stalker*. I can picture them sifting through the detritus of the Sai Burr World* looking for clues to get even. And that's what this exchange above is all about. It's evident in the personal attack, slander, slur, etc while ignoring this label content. And I'm glad people found it entertaining. Me too ;)

Only difference with me is that I'm no Sai Burr Bully*. Yeah, I write tough and jazz it up but at the end of the day, it's all about expressing yourself. You don't have to accept it but when you turn around and take a personal swing at me, I going to hit harder than you'd expect.

Anyway, I'm so done with this Palestinian issue. And as rightly put here by (Blog) Admin, I must say I concur with the following;

Nothing you write on this blog will change the conflict...You can argue till the ends of the earth all you want about it, but this isn't even a proper platform for such a discussion.

I guess you can't help those that don't wanna be helped.

I'm now going to sit back and relax with Gary Brecher aka The War Nerd's classic gonzo dispensation of 'The Hamas Ain't No Hezbollah'. Look it up in the Sai Burr World. It's entertaining.

You take care :)

*Those are non-trademarked terms. So, feel free to use them generously. I believe in open-source.

Anonymous said...

this is a letter from an israeli girl
read please!!!!
not all the israelis are zionist, anyway I have doubts about Lirun writing in a muslim and arab place
I guess that he likes to irritate us....
here the letter

I'm so glad people from all over the world are involved. Welcome Spain :)

Once I began to realize the connection between government/military/media in my country I became enraged ("fed up") and at the same time terribly frightened. The control my government has over the population is equivalent to George Orwell's 1984.

I'm also scared because I've unwittingly aided and abated terrible crimes against humanity. I'm scared to loose touch with what I know- it takes discipline to constantly look for the lies and analyze a situation correctly in spite of them.

I'm scared that things could actually get worse. Look at what "my" country is doing! There are close to 700 dead palestinians. The wounded are piling and they have no water, no food, no medical supplies and broken sewer pipes. I did that and people like me, who didn't vote, who ignored the truth, who said nothing- we are all to blame. That scares me.


Lirun said...


i am on of the israelis who visit this blog and you are right.. opinions can be changed and the UAE can play an amazing role to bridge muslim and jewish ways in this region..

sadly not many people care to do so.. they either remain indifferent - have one sided views - or simply dont care and fail to foresee the benefits that they may reap if successful..

i spoke to sameh habeeb yesterday over the phone.. he's ok - for now..

people need to reach out.. this is a battle.. reaching out against the main grain is a war of its own.. and peace will not come about just by waiting..

s said...

To be honest Lirun, I don't know if the UAE could play a direct role in bridging Muslim and Jewish understanding, since there isn't a significant Jewish population in the country. The main role is bridging understanding between those within and outside the middle eastern region. Particularly the arab world. World opinion has a hand in the fate of both Israel and Palestine.

There are many programs within Israel and Palestine that are being run by activists working together to bridge the gap between Jews and Arabs. I feel these may play a more effective role in Jewish-Palestinian relations at least.

But its likely you have a perspective that helps you see something that I don't.

I am glad to hear Mr. Habeeb is ok.

I do hope you will take a stance in at least helping shape the minds of the people around you to open their minds and inform themselves and influence your leaders. Your people also have the power to vote. Something that was snatched away from the Gazans by your government. So your people have the power to say no to what is happening before our eyes.

samuraisam said...

"anyway I have doubts about Lirun writing in a muslim and arab place"

This website is hosted in the US. It is not an 'arab/muslim place'.

hemlock said...

the stupidity of anonymous commentors never fails to amaze me.

lirun: we're glad to have you and your input on the blog. it's great to see there are people on both sides of the bridge wishing for peace.

kyle: 400 people were killed in congo on christmas day (2008) by lord's resistance army. (give the devil his due - at least israel took three weeks to double that).

this is not a chess game where those afore-mentioned (human beings) are pieces on a board
dunno man, sure feels like it. feels like that everywhere.

anyways, my point is, i should be allowed to run people over with my car. (minus the jail term and stuff).

Anonymous said...

Very very very well said Sam.

And PLEASE for the love of God, stop telling me to boycott coca cola.

Phaedrus said...



@Arab Lady:

Change starts slow, but picks up momentum quickly.


Well said.


I think you should come out and say exactly what you mean bro

@Cheeky Minx:

The elected governments of the west have been silent on this and all other breaches that have occurred in the last 8 years or so - and much more before that.I think I'm right if I used a blanket statement there.

But the people are as varied as anywhere else and I apologize if what I said seemed otherwise. I've seen, read and watched people from all around the world voice their disgust at whats happening.

@rosh: Hamas and that state are not on equal footing here. One had its land raped, the other has raped a land.

@Bridgette: By your logic, Since we are leaving it all behind, why do anything? Why even post on this blog? You stop first and I will follow, promise...

Boycott coca-cola

Veiled Muslimah said...

Instead of arguing it out guys, help out instead. Dubai Cares is donating about 150 000 hygiene kits to Gaza and they require volunteers starting jan 14th to 20.

If you are interested, Im going to be putting the info up in the post below regarding aid points.

Emirati said...

I am not a Palestinian. I have never been nor will ever be. I am an Emirati.

Im sorry for what is happening in Palestine, its terrible to see children killed anywhere in the world. But I am being honest where others have lied, I do not feel that strongly for the palestinian cause.

Why is it when thousands of muslims all over the world are dying daily due to malnutrition does no one speak at all?

The Racist Germ which is Arab Nationalism tells us that the lives of Fellow Arabs are worth more.

s said...

Not everyone here is arab muslim and they care. And one cannot assume people who care about Gaza don't care about children (of all religions) who starve elsewhere.

Veiled Muslimah: Argument or Discussion (in moderation :-)) is important, because people need to discuss and have dialogue with others so they can keep learning and changing and make certain decisions in their lives that can help them to go out and contribute to society in a positive way. And its even easier to do this when people like you inform us about concrete ways we can help. Thanks.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Emirati: Two wrongs do not make a right. This shouldn't be about Arab Nationalism, but the Muslim Ummah.

The Prophet Muhammad SAWs said, "The believers, in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other, are like a single body; if one limb feels pain, the whole body becomes feverish and restless.”

Why do you think there is a world-wide protest about this?

But, the Muslim Ummah is far from perfect, that is why there is not enough help being sent to malnutritioned countries. If there was a Caliphate system and our leaders were in the least bit concerned, it wouldn't be like this.

I think we've become so desensitized that only big things tend to make an impact in uniting us.... for weeks. Then its back to the same old bickering.

Secondly, this isn't all about religion, but giving the oppressed support regardless of race or religion.


However, when you *know* things are going to turn ugly and it is very least likely that anyone would change their point of views then it isn't worth it.

The history at UAE community blog is an example of that. ;)

And you're welcome.

Jassim said...

Emirati. Before we are Emirati we are Muslims and we are humans. When we see dead and dieing children on the front pages of our papers everyday, Nationalism and religion should not even be on our mind as this is about being human.

No I am not Palestinian, but when I see innocent children being killed, being a father of three children myself makes me the same as a Gaza Palestinian father in exactly the same way it would do if I saw Emirati or even yahoodi kids being killed like this.

Its a metaphor. So yeah I am now a Palestinian.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

It’s amazing how people pretend to be apolitical/ pacifists/ apathetic… etc… but when you dig further, you’d find that they believe the propaganda fed to them by American MSM without the slightest scruple.

And it also amazes me how some people would feel comfortable blaming this whole thing on Hamas charter (their call for the destruction of Israel), while forgetting that Israel has been systematically undermining and destroying the fabric of the Palestinian society through 60 years of occupation and through assassination, expulsion and imprisonment of Palestinian poet, community leaders, writers, intellectuals…etc…

And is it not also amazing that Israel had no problem at all convincing the world how and why it bombed 12 mosques? I mean for a mosque to be a ‘Hamas stronghold’ is enough; the fate is sealed. But my scrupulous mind wonders: every mosque I’ve been to in my life is an open squarish hall with doorways through the front and windows on the sides and access granted to everyone who would like to perform the 5 times a day prater. Within this context, one has to wonder: isn’t that a high exposure environment to store explosives? And how could Israel tell if a mosque is being used to hide explosives? I mean, they do not own the grounds to conduct raids and investigations, do they just rely on the word of an informant who would tour the mosques and report back which one is worthy of destruction …. and then BAM the Holy Place is reduced to rubbles?

And those justifications, mind you, are courtesy of the President himself no less, the Laureate of noble peace prize.

Sam is right. This whole conflict is likely to go on for centuries; because in order for justice to prevail, the Zionist state must cease to exit in its current racist, nazi-like, apartheid-like and vampires-like form.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the audience,

Pallywood Jury & Judge has spoken. Case closed.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Anon 14 January, 2009 12:08,

Golden Globe awards are in the next room.

And fetch me some 'juice' in your way will you?

Sal said...


To you and everybody else, I chose to post (here) under my own name instead of being a coward with a fake name under a guise.

Well, to begin with, my e-mail is included up there if you cared to look deep enough, but I guess you were too busy looking for an irrelevant back door to attack from. And by the way, Sal is my real name (the first three letters of it, anyway). And I don't see you including your full name, address, and GPS coordinates, O' Brave One. Additionally, I seriously don't see what's the difference between writing under a name like Kyle, or Mystery Name X, when neither of them can reveal anything about the poster.

And trust me, I have never posted anything in this blog under any name other than Sal, so why do you assume that I am using a different, fake name to hide my true, top secret identity? It must be your super-duper, x-ray-powered Motivation Revealer™ (high five, Bridget ! :D) at play again, no?

It's called Sai Burr Stalker*. I can picture them sifting through the detritus of the Sai Burr World* looking for clues to get even. And that's what this exchange above is all about. It's evident in the personal attack, slander, slur, etc while ignoring this label content. And I'm glad people found it entertaining. Me too ;)

Oh really? So I am a stalker because I came across a few of your responses to posts IN A GROUP BLOG that I am subscribed to, and decided to express my opinion about them?
I didn't even know you had another blog up until a few days ago, and you don't see me hanging around there, do you? You must be operating under a unique definition of the word "stalking", as with the word "peace" , which you define as having one party completely give up most of (if not all) their rights, including the ability to express their discontent about being killed and expelled by the other party. They are not even allowed to utter the word they identify themselves with in terms of nationality, because it might give a "pacifist" like you a rash or something.

You don't have to accept it but when you turn around and take a personal swing at me, I going to hit harder than you'd expect.

Can you please point out to me at which point you did the "hitting back harder" bit? Because I think I missed it.

Cheeky Minx said...

It is raining. Pouring. For those who understand and who believe, please multiply your prayers for Gaza tonight.

Well said Veiled Muslimah and Jassim.

Emiratiyah said...

"world are dying daily due to malnutrition does no one speak at all?"
You must be joking
When children die from malnutrition, we send aid, we do something. And WE know it isn't a case of a man slaughtering another man intentionally.

When I see a dead body of 3 year old with three bullit holes in her tiny body, shot by an Israeli sniper, I care to see that Israeli's are put in their places. Maybe in Europe or the great U.S.A, countries who don't want to see them go through another hollucut.

Disgusting Emirati, you are disgusting.

Cheeky Minx said...

Erm... Kyle, it seems you make a habit of rushing to conclusions..?? I couldn't help noticing how you chose to misinterpret my comment to you, how you reacted to Hemlock's sarcasm and how you arbitrarily decided that EVERYBODY ELSE agreed with Hemlock's views. You write: " That's where I disagree with you or ANYBODY ELSE here." You ask Phoebus not to make a blanket judgement, but you have no qualms making the same yourself? Lovely set of double standards.

(If it makes you feel better, do please go ahead and label me a stalker too, it's water off a duck's back)

What you were so prompt to consider an accusation of racism from me was a non-aggressive invitation to put yourself in Phoebus' shoes (and walk a mile or two in it) to see where it pinches. My words were conciliatory, not inflammatory. However, if you insist on calling it a racist accusation, all I will say now is: If the shoe fits..

Thanks Bridget Jones for seeing that it was a mediation attempt on my side.

Sal, thanks for responding about the fake id thing. Someone had to state the obvious for Kyle, as clearly he had trouble seeing that 'Kyle' could just as well have been 'Tom', 'Dick' or 'Harry'. Especially 'Dick'.

Rosh, agreed, Lirun is at times treated meanly here. Often even. ACKNOWLEDGED 100%. Will you similarly acknowledge that, for his part, he every now and then delivers a not too healthy mix of sly innuendos and subtle sarcasm - which are not quite in the spirit of constructive dialogue...? Or am I too going to be accused of possessing an overly analytical mind..?

It takes two to tango Rosh.

S. and Lirun, great job in your response to Sam regarding his comment on my invitation to talk constructively here and try for peace. Only one further remark on this one: it seems that when Muslims call for peace and dialogue about Gaza, we are brushed off as unreasonable dreamers. But if we then call for retaliation for the Gaza genocide, we are almost accused of being terrorists supporters.

I say, make up your mind what you want from us World. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

I of course expect lots of incendiary comments following my words here, and for someone or other to point out my own words tonight are a tad below the belt. My response is: Read my very first comment on this thread. Then read reactions to it. I didn't start the fire.

Go ahead and bash at leisure now. Yes you are right Kyle/ Sam/ Rosh/ anyone else. I am wrong. Agreed in advance. 100%. I'm done with this thread.

Mohammed said...

Kyle, I am sorry but your view in painting the latest Gaza onslaught as "same old" is not subscribed to by a large number of posters here.

And that you snap and get overly sensitive to any criticism of your viewpoint (calling critics stalkers, cowards etc.) is particularly telling...

Kyle said...

Hi Sal:

Let's do this from the start all over again, okay?

This Post is one more feeble & radical attempt to address this issue and like (it did) every time in the past, it got degenerated where not much was accomplished except brewing up a storm in a cup. Besides, there's nothing in this post that I don't already know about unless I’m missing something?

Had this person that posted this one put up an ingenious way to help out Palestinians instead of invoking emotions by their empty words, I would have gone along. But this one was blatantly arrogant especially with their 'We are all Gaza today, and are all Palestinians. To the rest of the world, take your hypocrisy elsewhere.' line. In my opinion, those are just empty words across the board. Like I said earlier, they're just an indirect way of saying to Palestinians 'we're with you in spirit, buddies but when it comes to the actual thing, you're on your own - blah'. If anybody fails to realize that, then they're just as naive as the poster themselves.

The only person that I admire in this Community is Veiled Muslimah. She's the one that has gone out of the way in organizing the relief effort. That's what I call backing up your words with actual support instead of writing empty words across the board.

As for me, I feel for those kids, women & children that are caught in the crossfire exchanged by madmen. And that’s all I’m going to say about the current scenario in Gaza.

As for this conflict, here's a brief scenario in how I interpret it in layman terms;

For now to satisfy one-and-all, let's just say the Jews were re-settled in a land called Palestine. Here's what they did to that land. They took over that strip of land, used their resources and turned it around while those that claimed the land belonged to them just sat back and watched with envy the transformation from a beast to a beauty. And instead of doing the same to the one they inhabit, they remain hell-bent in chasing away the Jews so that they can go back to raping & destroying that same strip of land and transform it once more into a hell-hole from Paradise.

And one last thing Sal, please stay away from personal attacks if you want to be taken seriously because I do take you seriously. I did it the first time we exchanged comments in the link you provided in your earlier comment above. I realize that I was a bit tough (I’ll work on it pronto au contraire) the last time around but that's how I feel about this issue. That's my opinion, which you don't have to accept if you don't wish to but please stay away from personal & racist-label attacks. It's the same way, I won't tolerate anyone here calling you a racist. And I'll tell you one more thing, I respect you more than I respect myself. So, if you want to continue with the personal attacks, by all means keep doing so until you run out of options.

It’s your call!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

live camera feed from Gaza:


DUBAI JAZZ said...

Kyle, trying to explain things to the uninitiated taxpayer (whose 6 billions a year bucks are one major ingredient of the mix, to say the least) is one way of helping the Palestinians.

Too bad Ron Paul didn’t win, eh?

s said...

Here are some actions to take:

1. Particularly if you are Israeli - Call Israeli prime minister's spokesperson and other government representatives and demand they let the Mercy Ship enter Gaza with much needed medicines and other humanitarian aid. Israel threatened to attack the ship and it had to turn back. Numbers provided in this link:

2. Everyone: write a thank you letter or email to the Greek ambassador and/or government for this:


3. Write supportive letters to organisations like this:
Independent Jewish Voices. Comes from the same country that Mark Regev, Israeli Spokesperson has lived in before going to Israel.

And for people who are still convinced Hamas broke the ceasefire, watch Mark Regev himself admit that Hamas didn't fire the rockets before Israel broke the ceasefire:

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Congrats to the IDF, they've just bombed a UN warehouse full of medicine and food. (badely nedded items for the residents of Gaza)

and to make sure maximum damage is done, they've used white phospherous, which can't be put out by water. and water is all that fire engines in gaza can use.


s said...

*For contacts to write letter to Greek Ambassador UAE see this link:

You could also buy more Greek products:-)

Nothing like a bit of positive reinforcement.

Lirun said...

i take no offence from the dialog.. im here to learn about your views and share my own..

if we all thought the same thing then exchange would be meaningless..

with respect to sarcasm.. indeed a cheap form of wit - and yes spices things up.. but i think its fairly dished out.. and i try to remain respectful..

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