18 January, 2009

Residence Visa

I've looked online but can't find anything on this issue. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place..I don't know. So I thought I'll bring my query over here so that someone could show me where to look exactly or better tell me about it. I basically want to know if a father or a sibling can fund his unemployed son/brother who is above 18 years of age a 1 year residence visa through ANY possible legal way.

Thanks in advance!!!


KJ said...

I do not believe there are legal ways for this. Unless the person is the owner of a company, that person cannot sponsor anyone for a residency visa.

However you could opt for longer visit visas

Anonymous said...

Your best bet would be to ask a lawyer in the UAE. Good luck

Mohammed said...

Every Immigration office has someone high up who has the power to overrule laws, and can allow a man to sponsor anyone regardless of age. But how frequently they overrule is a subjective matter......

GN had an article on how Somali guy in the UAE since the 1960's isnt being allowed to sponsor his 19 year old epilepic son.....so in paper the law seems to be clear, if a bit heartless

Amjad said...

I think it all depends on the willingness of the sponsor/employer of the person.

shshshsh said...

A father can sponsor his son above 18 if he is continuing his education in one of the universities in UAE. In this case you have to take a student visa and it requires a deposit of 5000 dhs in certain cases. Else if he is a student outside the country, he can show evidence for that and get an extension on his visa, but that requires you to go to the immigration office and request them.

Proud Emirati said...

Residence permits for expatriate families in UAE
This involves a description of procedures of Naturalization & Residency Administration/Dubai in issuing a residence permit for an expatriate family in UAE
Required Documents:
Prepaid application form
2 photographs of each sponsored person.
Original entry permit of each sponsored person.
Original passport of each sponsored person.
Copy of security deposit payment receipt (AED 5000) when sponsoring the parents and second-degree relatives.
Original copy of valid medical certificate (for those who are over 18 years old).
Copy of the sponsor's employment contract or salary certificate, provided that his salary shall not be less than AED. 4000 or AED. 3000+accommodation.
Copy of the sponsor's valid residence permit.

Fees & Collection

AED 100 as fees for each year's residence (3 years maximum for the wife and children, while for parents and first degree relatives it shall be one year only).
AED 5000 refundable security deposit for sponsoring the parents and first degree relatives.
AED 120 urgent delivery application. AED 10 ordinary delivery application

Special Notes:
All fees for employment permits and typing of applications shall be paid at the typing offices, while all securities shall be paid cash to the bank staff at the Section hall. Fines for overstaying 17 days or less shall be paid cash to the Fines Collection staff at the Section hall, while fines for overstaying longer than seventeen (17) days shall be paid cash to the bank staff at the Section hall.
This service shall be offered at:
Residence department - the main branch
Abuhail center
Jebel Ali port
Hatta Center
Bin soqat center
Danata - Main branch


samuraisam said...

Males over 18 cannot be sponsored by their fathers unless they are studying at an educational institute full time within the UAE.

There is no other way.

rosh said...

he could register his own tiny business or be employed by his dad, if his dad's got a business - helps keep away the "ban" wagon should he move to a more stable work/residence status.

hope it works out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Proud Emirati but apart from the details u have given below you forgot to mention about the professions in which you are allowed to sponsor!!

Anonymous said...

samuraisam said...
Males over 18 cannot be sponsored by their fathers unless they are studying at an educational institute full time within the UAE.

There is no other way.

Oh there are many many ways. It all depends on who you know.

Original poster, you mean to tell me you dont know ANYONE who owns/manages a business who will sponsor you? I find that hard to believe.


Stained said...

Education is out of question cause already a graduate so is own business ...

I'm kinda confused after Proud Emiratis post....does that mean residence visa can be issued???

Proud Emirati said...

don't ask the messenger

CG said...

Wasta. It can be done. Depends who you know.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

The short is answer is, no (as samuarism has pointed out). There are several loopholes and ways around these laws, but they generally involve breaking the law or at the very least breaking it in spirit.

I've had cases where friends would ask for favors, involving residence permits. My answer is simple: No. It's a liability on the company and I have no appetite to go chasing after immigration laws and regulations.

I know this is not what you want to hear, but seriously, what on earth do you want to do here? If someone is 18+, unemployed and not in school, they should be working and earning an income. I would strongly urge you to NOT have them come here. It's not like they're going to find a job in this climate anyway.

Stained said...

I'm 22, graduate and looking for a job in the field I'm interested in....unfortunately recession is hurting me big time....that's why I was wondering if there was any way cause I have lived all my life here(born and brought up here) so don't want to leave...this is kinda my home country, only problem is I am not a local... :|

Thanks all for the replies!!!

Anonymous said...

same anonymous commenter again, sorry if I sounded like I'm ridiculing your situation, I really am not, I think it's a shame that you should be born in a country, live all your life there, then get kicked out because they determine they cant make any profit off you

I say fuck'em, go find yourself a good life somewhere else, dont be fooled into coming back again, and spread the word so everyone knows what type of human garbage is running the show there

Anonymous said...

stained... try hard to gt a job or a visa... like the guys above have said, it depends on who u know, so call everyone you can think of. If it doesnt work out, maybe come back on visit visa a couple of times. i was in a similar situation and background - i left - and it was the wrong decision.

although isnt there a way to "buy" residence visas from umm al quwain or similar?

Stained said...

I know a lot of people with businesses but didn't want to go that way due to the labor card and other visa transfer issues....cause I will be provided a employee visa...

Anonymous said...

There are visas and sponsorships available from the Dubai Media City and also in Fujairah but it depends on what field you are interested in and what your qualifications are. http://www.dmc.ae/medBusiCent_licensingOptions.htm

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