06 January, 2009

Freej Folklore

Just to let you all know that Freej Folklore, the major Arab theatrical production that's running at the Madinat Jumeirah Arena from the 8th-17th January, is offering two tickets for the price of one up until Thursday. We're blogging the run-up to the event here and the official website's here.


The Lady said...

Got my tickets for Sunday. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the 2fer heads up.

Lirun said...

how come no posts on ashura?

fellow atheist said...

I feel for the civilians suffering.. but let's be fair, there is propaganda on both sides.


Anonymous said...

I went to see the English show and was very disappointed to see the characters voiced by very very English people. It just didn't fit.

Also the seating arrangements are pretty bad, with the banks being very shallow so you see the tops of people's heads for most of the show.

The animation is absolutely fantastic, it really is first rate and quite funny. But there really is no story or any real point to it and it delves times and time again into cliche. Cirque de soleil works because it is so spectacular and awe inspiring. Cirque-lite moments here do not really add anything.

It is a good effort and very professionally done, but it comes across like an expensive tourist brochure.

However - it is, a first attempt, and productions like this and last year's Zanubia can only help the reputation of Arab productions.

Anonymous said...

The music is fantastic , Did some one localy compoised it .

Anonymous said...

Music production is perfect.

Almulhama said...

Arabic musical score is by Emirati Composer Ebrahim Jumaa.

But for me, besides the animated moths on the animated lanterns, and the fantastic muscles of the guy who holds himself sideways as if blown by the wind.... si.... the one and only flirtatios... Quixote; the beautiful grey andalucian horse!

Anonymous said...

Absolute rubbish

There was a forced standing ovation which was the funniest thing i have seen for years in my theatrical career. A simple applause would have been more than enough for the technical aspects but as for the content it was found to be seriously lacking in just about everyway possible.

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