22 January, 2009

Caring for Dubai's race camels

Dr Akbar's patient refuses to enter the surgery room. She kicks and growls. But Dr Akbar is used to dealing with stubborn customers as he treats Dubai's racing nd breeding camels.
Today's patient is not eating, and suffering from gastric problems. She is a valuable race camel (Camelus dromedarius) and her owner is concerned.
"He was offered 3 million dirhams (£550,000) for her, but he did not want to sell. She is a speedy racer", says Dr Akbar, director of the Dubai Camel Hospital, UAE.
He continues: "I am going to perform an endoscopy to see if she has ulcerations in her stomach."


Full article here. (check out the cool video too)


CG said...

Thanks for the link DJ, very intersting video too.

Lilliy said...

That was very intreasting I never thought there would be a camel hospital... hmm

Anonymous said...

For that price it better swallow and not spit, it's milk better be chocolate flavored, and its crap made of gold.

Im sorry, but I never understood how a camel (or any other animal) could be worth such amounts.

i*maginate said...


Not sure if you got the 'final reply', but the answer was indeed 'rebar'...thanks a lot for all the time you spent responding and 'educating' on a very interesting topic!

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