18 January, 2009

In The Shadow of a Monster

The mushroom clouds are fading from the Gaza skies today, and the phosphor gels no longer shower the women and children tonight, and the people of Gaza have stood tall against a vile and demented monster. A monster that robbed children from their parents, parents from their children and now it returns home. Home to this monster is a parasite nation made up of parasites.


Many will cry for this monster and the parasites, many of them are vampires that shed tears of blood tonight crying for the villages of Sderot, Ashqelon and Beersheba. None of them will cry for the ruins of the villages that were there before the parasites. None of them will cry for the refugees that have been evicted from their lands for no other reason than being an Arab and Muslim. But these vampires are crying tonight.


Lets us not forget though, and I call on each one of you to take part in documenting this aggression against a civilian population that has legitimate right to exist, on its own land, under its own law. I have created this page on my blog that I will use to document this genocide and I would like your help with:


  • ·         The write up of the document
  • ·         Research specific items as needed
  • ·         Submit online media and photos for proof
  • ·         Help raise the awareness of this initiative


Many of you have participated in various activities during the assault to help Gaza, and I ask you to take one more step and help bring justice to these embattled people, and let the world see the abomination of this cancerous state.

The Phaedrus - Gaza Assault Page


Lirun said...

this post is racial vilifcation - i dont think its necessary.. demonstrates ignorance and random hatred for people you dont know - especially since many israelis protested everyday against the war by the tens of thousands and people are getting together to do what they can to alleviate the suffering inflicted by two stubborn governments (questionably) in the name of defending themselves


DUBAI JAZZ said...

“Gaza’s leading child psychiatrist, Dr Abdel Aziz Mousa Thabet, who has studied the effects of violence and trauma on children for 20 years, said about 65% of young people in the enclave suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.”


DUBAI JAZZ said...

To those wondering, 65% of the young people of Gaza equals hunderds of thousands.

i, Bobo said...

And it's not genocide, either. Genocide is defined under international law and what happened in Gaza (or the occupied territories for the last sixty years, for that matter) fails to live up to the definition.

Hyperbolic statements lessen the validity of your position.

Keefieboy said...

Vampires? Get a grip.

samuraisam said...

Guess how many more posts about Palestine and Israel are going to be on this blog for a while after this post?


Anonymous said...

Guess how many more posts with Lirun are going to be on this blog for a while after this post?


Kyle said...


Thank you.

Proud Emirati said...

UAE Expatriates Community Blog

rosh said...

P Emirati - seriously, if you feel quite so, why do you visit this blog?

fellow atheist said...

@ PE

Yeah, it's an expat's blog. So, bugger off or get a visa.

bwana_daoudi said...

Well, it's good to see everyone being adult about all of this *cough*. But seriously, I think venting emotions about this is not productive. Thinking of people as parasites is how these holocausts propagate. Can anybody discuss or do something about this with a clear head? I pray for the day.

samuraisam said...

proud emirati: explain.

Lirun said...


i have long been a commenter on non israel palestine posts as well :)

u must be new around here

Lirun said...

by the way dubai jazz i dnot need to the guardian - i have met and spoken to the kind gentleman you refer to and i wont tell what his solution to the conflict was..

Anonymous said...

PE, Just a place for these nobodys to feel like somewhat humans while they are here. Let them be, even cattle need some grassy patches.


Oh, and genocide? pft. removing trespassers is genocide? violent trespassers?

You'd have done the same. I would have. Im glad this happened. Maybe now the west bank and Israel can come together, get rid of Khamas! and start to do something constructive TOGETHER.

Phaedrus said...

I have a pretty good idea of who I'm addressing very, and I might not know a lot, but the little I know that Palestine is for the Palestinians. All of it, as it was, as it always was.

As for the holocaust reference, it is something that does not relate to me. It happened between two nations, a long time ago for a few years. It does not justify taking over a land that belongs to others, and it really does not justify the cluster bombs and phosphorus shells that have showered our brothers.

I had measles when I was younger, but I cannot use it as justification to kill and burn little kittens.

Take that argument else where, we have just seen over 600 babies and innocent civilians being killed for no other reason than being Arabs and Muslims.

But maybe I can see your arguments of me being racist..please...

@Dubai Jazz:


@I Bobo:

and your point is?


Do what you like

I state my purpose again, and I dont want this thread to deviate from it:

Lets all collect the evidence of this crime against all of humanity for future generations of our nations to use as they wish.

rosh said...

"a place for these nobodys to feel like somewhat humans while they are here.."

Yet, you visit often, in spite being banned from UAECB an year ago.

Anonymous said...

Crucial, controversial, and way too quiet:




s said...

Phaederus, while I respect and share your desire to strive for justice, you do need to educate yourself on this matter to be a more effective voice for the voiceless, since this is a complex issue. This is not just about being Muslim. You should keep in mind that there is a significant Palestinian christian population, though even this is not a key issue.

To put things in perspective, the eminent scholar, Professor Edward Said, came from this community. He also wrote a book that is still relevant today called "Covering Islam: How the Experts Determine How We See the Rest of the World". I highly recommend this book to anyone both Muslim and non-muslim. You can also read a short summary on his views on the matter in this article:

Please don't be discouraged by what I have to say. I share your concerns, though I see flaws in your post and your approach to the matter. My advice is to read, read, read and learn your facts to help to strive for what you are trying to achieve.

For example, keep in mind the "government" of Gaza is lead by Hamas which has been delegated the status of "terrorist group" by the US and Israel, so legally the onus is now almost entirely on the Israeli government and Israeli defence forces to work within the bounds of International law.

Tomorrow is Obama's inauguration. The war has conveniently stopped or been paused for the time being. But hundreds of people's lives have been permanently devastated. Their pain and anguish cannot be paused or stopped. So you are doing the right thing in reminding us.

This blog has referred to the Mumbai attacks a few times. Just thought that this article by Indian writer Shashi Tharoor who worked for the UN titled "India longs to follow the Israeli path of reprisal" would put things in perspective.

If you have ever lived in the west, you will become aware of the fact that there is virulent racism not just towards muslims and arabs but also towards Jews so it is ironic that these two groups of people are tearing each other apart. The Israeli government is not just jeopardising the lives of Arabs and Muslims but also the lives of Jewish people living in various parts of the world. The Islamic council in Britain has had to make a public statement condemning the rise in anti-semetic attacks during the seige on Gaza in an attempt to de-escalate things. The leaders of Israel seem to be oblivious to the gravity of such matters.

Phaedrus said...

@S: You assume we approach the issue from the same perspective and base your arguments accordingly.
Your assumptions are incorrect, we don't share the same source of outlook and hence what you build upon is largely irrelevant.

For me to accept that the state in question will abide by international law, is for me to accept its right to existence, which is not the case. Period.

For me to consider Hamas as a terrorist group, then I would also have to accept the definition of terrorism as defined by the >> U.S <<, which is neither accepted internationally nor is it applied equally.

As for racism, I believe that Guantanamo bay holds Muslims and only Muslims so far. I also believe that the abuses at Abu Ghraib were done to Muslims only. I also believe that assassinations by unmanned predators have only targeted Muslims. So racism is alive and well in the west, but the Muslims and Arabs seem to bear the brunt of the hatred.

We have a separate and equal ideology to base our arguments on that also defines our outlook on all issues, it is this ideology that the west has not been able silence and will not be able to do so.

I advise you to read up on that.

lirux said...

Lirun why are you quiet you apple of the UAE bloggers eye?

Bridget Jones said...

Phaedrus!!!! You promised that if Bridgette stopped posting, you would too!! She did, you didn't! So she's back ha! ;)

You know, Miss Jones thinks S. is an impartial voice.. He raises fair points, and yours truly doesn't think he means to sound patronising when he invites you to read, n'est-ce-pas S.? Tell you what, how about you humour him, and he in turn reads more about your ideology..? Because if nobody is willing to listen to what the other has to say, we might as well call it a day here, as it'd be a véritable dialogue de sourds ha!

BTW, remember the question Bridgette asked in your previous post? Well, it has graduated to the higher ranks of rhetoric! Nobody was able to answer Miss Jones! Nah, Lirun's link to Hamas' Charter doesn't quite make it! HE was supposed to explain how JUDAISM upheld the Gaza assault and leave it to Muslims to explain how Islam upheld Hamas' agenda!! Cheeky boy that Lirun.. Hmmm, the Minx may just have a point ha!

I, Bobo, I Bridgette is wondering.. are you in the business of splitting hairs by any chance? ;) :p

BTW, me curious to know what Dubai Entrepreneur thinks of the whole Gaza situation. Please D.E, indulge little Bridgette, will ya? :)

Oh! Almost forgot Phaedrus! Bridgette luuurrrves your French spelling of her name ha! ;)

Lirun said...


judaism is an ancient religion and if you are asking me how our scriptures deal with the situation then (while i am not religious) i would quote the biblical command that if someone sets out to kill you then you must kill him first.. not very helpful right? because terrorism was not a concept back in the ancient times..

if you ask most rabbis they may take a similary self-preservationist approach..


there are also rabbis who would vehemently oppose the war..

and there my friend youhave judaism.. a stream of people eternally internally divided..

we are unequivocal about nothing and (actually) you should also note that hebrew is not a precise language but rather associative so every written word is open to endless interpretations..

politically (while you bursh off my references to the hamas charter) israelis think of the hamas as unreliable group that is hell bent on getting rid of us and if you read their charter and have any inclination to lead a modern life - u'll understand exactly how awkward it is.. especially where it says that international negotations basically mean nothin and that treaties arent to be respected..

i hope that was more helpful..

Anonymous said...

rosh said...
"a place for these nobodys to feel like somewhat humans while they are here.."

Yet, you visit often, in spite being banned from UAECB an year ago.

I like annoying people. And banned? I wasnt banned. You cant BAN someone from a blog. You can sensor their posts... something that is now done on here, even though most of you bitch about it her ein the UAE.

I like pointing out how full of hypocrisy and general shit you people are.

Anonymous said...

And lets be truthful here. As Israel was bombing, and moving small army in... why did Egypt, a fellow Arab country, NOT let the Gaza residents into their land to spare them? Infact they MADE SURE no Gaza residents crossed the border.

Why did Egypt not send in a "freedom force?" Why didnt Syria? Or Jordan? Any neighboring country?

All 3 of hose countries, sharing borders, saw what was going on, and yet did NOTHING. They send food and money.

So did the UK, or Germany.

Truth is, if you want to be angry at someone, we could make a list, and Israel would be on there... right under Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and the US (world police my ass)

So whats more angering... the fact that a Jewish state attached Gaza... or the fact that fellow Arabs and Muslims did NOTHING about it?

Anonymous said...

...or the fact that Hamas unceasingly shelled Israeli civilians and no one mourned those dead...and when Israel responded Hamas hid itself in the homes of its own people...and then the UAE and the rest of the world cried foul...why is it only bad when Muslims are killed but it is fine and dandy when Jews are killed?

Three excellent takes on this:




Phaedrus said...


The Christian Arabs are partners in the good and bad.

@Bridget: sorry for the mis-spelling.

@The rest:
Palestine is for the Palestinians, the occupation is either leaves peacefully or otherwise. It is up to them to decide how they go. Though I suspect that going back to the ghettos is not really appealing, but hey, this is were they came from anyway.

For the Palestinians to live in a concentration camp on their own land is not right anf who wants to be modern anyway, it went out of style after the phosphorus, uranium enriched roses were merrily dropped to amuze and bring tears of joy to our children.

Anonymous said...

All you people, shame on you.

We have a hero amongst us that is going to lead us into battle to liberate - what country was that again?

El-Philistine, right.

But that's not on the map.


We're going into battle to liberate the Land of Philistine from the Joos, juice - whatever.

All those interested, sign-up at El-Phaedrus Wordpress pronto. Do remember to bring your bazookas and backpacks filled with plastique or sem - whatever.

Righto El-Phaedro, you lead the way and we follow.

s said...

Phaedrus. Think you misunderstood me.

What I did mean was that Israel spouts on about Hamas committing war crimes etc. but they forget that by labelling Hamas as criminals or "terrorists", they have almost negated any validity in their accusation of war crimes by Hamas. Only a sovereign nation or an Internationally recognised military group is subject to the rule of law as outlined in the UN charter. So now they have to put up and shut up or change the "terrorist" designation of Hamas. Get it? So be canny my friend and don't let people catch you on things that will detract from what you are trying to achieve.

I am not stupid enough to dismiss the fact that there is clear prejudice in the west against Islam, arabs and muslims, particularly more so in recent times courtesy of G.W.B. At the same time, due to racism being based on ignorance, the number of assaults on turbaned Sikhs or any vaguely "arab" or non-christian looking person in the US has increased after 9/11.

Regarding the good and the bad as you correctly point out, there are "christians" and then "chrisitians" as there are "muslims" and "muslims" and so on. Arab Christians also belong to various denominations. I am aware of the atrocities committed by the Phalanges under the auspices of Ariel Sharon. This is about Gaza and Palestine as well as upholding international law, not just about Christians and Jews and muslims. This is why people criticise Zionists. It is important not to fall into a similar trap. It is about defending the right of people to live.

Anyway, all of this is sounding a little creepy to say the least. You are probably right, we do approach this issue and probably many others from a completely different perspective. Many Jews themselves have now reached the point of not being able to look at anything beyond the "Jewish" perspective. It maybe that your way of thinking is closer to theirs than mine. Forgive me if I have reached the wrong conclusion.

Ora said...

Then there's this:


Phaedrus said...


International law serves as a mirror for the will of the current power brokers on the planet. All resistance & freedom movements have been labeled terrorists during their active times and Palestine is no exception to the rule. None of the freedom movements won their battles in a court, and again we will not be an exception either.

I have no problem with Jews, only with Israeli, they must leave period.

So excuse me if I don't break out in song and dance and smoke the peace pipe with you. The Israeli and I might share the perspective that there is a conflict that needs to be resolved. I base my perspective on the fact that the Palestinians need to be returned to their land - all of it, while the Israeli have long decided that they need to annex a land that is not theirs at any cost. This has happened in 1948, not as you stated recently.

Enjoy your walk through the road to peace, I'm sure you will find many old and broken men that can tell you stories of they have actually found at the end of that path with Israel.

Anonymous said...

Could someone tell this El-Pedro to STFU & be done with the quack-quack?

Lirun said...


enjoy your long road to disappointment..

as an israeli i have nothing left to say..

my family has been here since time immemorial and your assertions that i need to go somewhere else are ridiculous.. yet not uncommon.. they were successfully implemented not just by the nazis but by arab nations all around the middle east..

so after kicking us out of every country connected to europe africa and the middle east you now want to "cleanse" israel as well?

fat chance buddy..

buy some more laptops and get a new cell phone.. im here to stay.. whether you like it or not..

Ora said...

Oops - look at all we have overlooked:


Phaedrus said...

Yes, yes we get, we are racist Nazis. But how about this, go back to the real Nazis, make peace with them, kiss and make up, hold each other’s hand and walk into the sunset and leave Palestine alone.

Just because you kept something you have stolen for so long don’t make it yours.

Lirun said...

two words for you.. betty ford

Ora said...

Read the article all the way through, Phaedrus darling, and for that matter the articles previously suggested. It was never yours and the historic people are a recent PR creation. Right on, Lirun, and here's one about feeding the addiction - Phaedrus take note and pull out the needle:


Anonymous said...

two words for you Lirun....Rachel Coery

Anonymous said...

he said
"two words for you.. betty ford"

and now
two words for you...Rachel Corrie

Ora said...

The thud you all hear is pertinence, rational thought, good sense and erudition all crashing to the ground together. Sad. But it does showcase the problem. Too many big words in the articles, perhaps?

samuraisam said...

3 words for everyone: No more commenting.