24 January, 2009

Fujairah Country Fair

As one of the fundraisers for Fujairah Welfare Association and New Youth Orphanage in Nepal, a few of us (most in Fujairah) are holding a Country Fair - UAE style - at the Fujairah Tennis and Country Club on 30th January (this friday) from 2 - 7pm. Its a family day out with clowns, face painting, henna, coconut shy, hoopla, ugly mug competition and loads more. There are lots of stuff on sale from home-made jams to books and jewellery. There is a flea market and a white elephant stall too.

We also have a stand for Red Crescent who are on a drive to collect clothes, food and medicine for Gaza.

Every little bit helps. So if you are in Fujairah do join us. If you are anywhere else and want something fun to do - join us. You have fun and we raise funds to help a few families get a future.

For more information on our project, visit www.trekkingfornepal.com

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Kyle said...

Thanks Mita for the announcement. East Coast it is this coming weekend.

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