18 February, 2009

WSJ pulls Dubai sponsorship over Pe'er

"The Wall Street Journal Europe announced Tuesday that it had revoked its sponsorship of a Dubai women's tennis tournament, due to the United Arab Emirates' refusal to issue an entry visa for Israel's Shahar Pe'er.

"The Wall Street Journal's editorial philosophy is free markets and free people, and this action runs counter to the Journal's editorial direction," the Journal Europe said in a statement.

It added that it was also withdrawing its sponsorship of the men's tournament beginning next week.

In the US, the Tennis Channel has said it won't broadcast the event."

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Proud Emirati said...

So Wall Street Journal and the Tennis Channel support the illegitimate state called Israel? Very disgusting !

Keefieboy said...

PE: are you surprised?

Anonymous said...

PE, 2 words for you; AIPAC rocks.

Dave said...

Politics and sport should never mix, but of course this is not reality. The moves taken by the UAE Govt were made (in part) to provoke a reaction from other countries and send a message of solidarity and support with the people of Gaza.

By sending this message they must understand that others of differing perspectives will react, and this is exactly what is happening.

If countries holding the Olympics adopted this manner of not issuing visa's would we even have an Olympic Games..... I suggest not.

Anonymous said...

India also accepts Israel as a legitimate state. Now throw all Indians out of UAE

Lirun said...

u want sports and politics together then this is what happens..

i can easily reciprocate by saying that beforehand the wall street journal overlooked the illegitimate denial of israel's existance by the UAE and the fact that Israel is not allowed to partake in the Asia games..

i think its a shame that this is where things are headed..

i sw a program on the national geographic channel last night about how the emirates expects its oil to run dry within the next 7 years and shall be relying primarily on tourism dollars..

i think some concessions are going to need to be made - whether it be stances with respect to israel or tolerance of western culture..

otherwise i think things may rapidly become very different..

the world needs the emirates as a link to the arab world..

Keefieboy said...

Another (male) Israeli tennis player, who has previously played in Dubai, is still waiting to find out whether he will get a visa or not.

If this is a new policy by the UAE Government in response to the recent Israeli aggression in Gaza, then I think it's a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face. It will not increase support or even understanding for those poor buggers imprisoned in Gaza City.

All it does is damage the image of Dubai even further.

Mars said...

as far as i understood she was denied the visa on security grounds. having a scene in NZ, coming right into the heart of the Middle East would have meant definite protests or some form of harm to her.

for that reason, i think uae made the right choice.

rosh said...

Absolutely! I agree Mars. Despite the hard-core partying and sleaze allowed into DXB, a sense of peace & security is UAE's profound asset. Personally, I don't think they'll ever trade that for anything. Pity everyone's calling the racial cart - for once it isn't the case, most likely.

Enough said.

Lirun said...

come on rosh thats ridiculous..

thats why you have police.. they are there to ensure the safety..

sports games are typically smothered in civil clothes wearing unidentifiable security personnel for the reasons you raise.. you dont bar the athletes..

ayiyiyi said...

yeah rosh! thats wat police are for. and IDF for that matter.

uae shud have let peer in. to secure her they cud have surrounded every neighborhood around dubai and cut off gas and food supplies. one shud learn how to secure from those doing it so successfully.

btw ms peer cud have given a tip or two on the above considering her experience with the IDF :)

Anonymous said...

Neither The Wall Street Journal, nor any major Western media institution raises any cry of foul play when Israel denies entry to Doctors and medical supplies to people suffering withing Palestine due to Israeli aggression.

Nor do they raise a fuss when Palestinians are prohibited from free movement not only to other countries to participate in Sporting matches (see Palestinian Football team) or even prohibited from free movement within their own villages.

I usually disagree with such boycotts, but this time I have to agree with it as a moral stand.

Just like the Americans boycotted the entire 1980 Moscow Olympics, so we in the Middle East should band together and boycott the Illegal state of Israel from all world events.

AyMoNy said...

Here's something to think about:

Keefieboy said...


So doesn't that tell you something? And what the fuck does it have to do with tennis?

Lirun said...


this is about a corporate sponsorship.. i dont know why you are missing the point..

the wall street journal has a significant jewish readership.. just as the dubai tournament doesnt want to disappoint its supporters - neither does the WSJ..

this is the vicious cycle we're in..

hopefully we'll break out of it soon..

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