03 August, 2006

From Virtuality to Reality

One of the great things about the UAE com blog is that it brings together so many from what appear to be different backgrounds--all with different styles, different temperaments, different motives, etc. Something of who we are and a lot of what we think comes through in our posts--even behind our somewhat cloaked identities.

Part of the strength and lure of this community is its relative anonymity and also the fact that it offers a platform often larger than our own individual blogs. I propose that any bloggers who feel so inclined consider an adjunct form of doing what we all like to do--that is to broadcast our thoughts and opinions, but in a different format.

As was introduced in an earlier post--podcasting is something new to the region. To keep things brief, the idea would be for a few bloggers (2 or 3) to gather in the podme studio and just go at it--perhaps around a selected topic, with as much or as little scripting as the participants would desire.

I throw this out. Hit me, follow bloggers, with your thoughts in the comments... (BTW, there are podcost studios operating or starting up in other places like the UK, the US and India, so the UAE com blogger may take part even if out of country.)


hallodubai said...

sounds good but what's the exact procedure for that and how big is the market for this in the UAE

BD said...

Most of what would be done--content, who takes part, length, frequency--would be up to those who decide get involved. The objective would be to record a segment (say 1-hour) in studio (all technical details handled by the studio). The recording would be posted on the podme.org website. A date and time to do the recording would need to be set. That's pretty much it, with regard to logistics.

The biggerst question would be the questions I pose above--content, frequency, etc.

One idea I have is that in each session, 2 or 3 bloggers meet and discuss or hash out a predetermined topic or topics. It gets recorded as basically a live session. The idea behind that would be that the bloggers express their ideas/opinions (something they already do on their blogs), AND they interact with one another--something they don't do on their blogs except in a limited fashion through comments.

The market? Well, it isn't something that is being sold. It is just being put out there for people to listen to--free entertainment. Being posted at podme.org would mean that it would be available on an established site, where people who are already listening to podcasts would be able to find it. Beyond that it would just be google-able like everything else--and of course, people could post links in their blog.

Would it be worth the trouble? Well, depending on how we go about setting it up it may not be much trouble at all. Whether we actually get and keep an audience will depend in part on how interesting it is.

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