03 August, 2006

Living in a Triangle

They must be the oddest couple on earth. Depending on the location from where you are looking at The Emirates Towers, they seem to share anything from a cold distant share to a warm union.

Despite the not-so-cost-effective idea of using a triangle as the design base and it's similarities with another structure , this building never ceases to amaze me. The sense of geometry and style becomes evident as you explore each and every corner of this unique Dubai landmark. Here are some photos I took on such a visit.

Canon EOS 300 D - Colour corrected/cropped in PS


BD said...

Great photos. I love the geometry. Maybe we can go together on some picture taking excursions.

Hesham said...

I have been working in the towers for six years now and I still love the way they look......I think they are probably the best looking building in Dubai.

Female Chauvinistic Pigs said...

Agree, they are the best looking structure in Dubai. Very elegant.

Woke said...

Definitely bd. :)

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