01 August, 2006

Tuesday's Mystery Quote of the Day...

On February 3, 2002, our mystery person said:

"But first, let me be very clear. I condemn the attacks carried out by terrorist groups against Israeli civilians. These groups do not represent the Palestinian people or their legitimate aspirations for freedom. They are terrorist organizations and I am determined to put an end to their activities."

Was it George W. Bush? Tony W. Blair? Ariel W. Sharon? Click HERE for the answer.


eitaroun said...

so what's your point bobo? that Israel is doing what Arafat said he would do? If Arafat wa alive he woul dprobbly remid you that terrorism comes from both sides and that the problem is much bigge than just finishing off terrorism. there is occupation, settlements, denial of rights, thousands of prisonerws, lnad theft, assassinations, destructionof houses, bulldozingof farm land, routine humiliationof people at check points and in their ownhomes, the racist wall that surrounds palestinian people built on their own land, orture of arested people, siege on cities and villages, bombing hiouses nad neigborhoods from the air, harsh retrictionson travekl and movement and anything, people life turned into misery, anda racist law and policy that treats Jewish setlers aove the law and Palestinians as trash with no rights. Terrorismis one small part of this big problem. Israel sees like GW everything is terrorism and that's may be stupid but I think is amore a policy of denial and shor sighed way of finding solution. Like what israel did with Arafat, made himprisoner inhis office for years and destroy his security and refuse to negotia=te wit him, then did the same with Abbas, and now they have hamas. and in Lebanon they also pay for their mistakes. they responsible for makign Hizbolla and for keeping many problems wiithout solutions for years and now thay its all about fighting terrorism,of course they are liars and they proved they are the mosr dangerous country and have a crazy leadership. they wants to have it both ways, but they will fail unless they become like anew Hitler.

i, Bobo said...


I think you might have read my intentions wrong.

I was surprised by the source of the quote and impressed by the sentiment expressed. The point was (and is) that when like-minded statements are issued they rarely get the play in the Western press that the inflammatory ones do. And that's what keeps the cycle of hate going.

You know, in the same statement, he also said:

"We seek true independence and full sovereignty: The right to control our own airspace, water resources and borders; the right to develop our own economy, to have normal commercial relations with our neighbors, and to travel freely. In short, we seek only what the free world now enjoys and only what Israel insists on for itself: the right to control our own destiny and to take our place among free nations."

There's nothing wrong with any of that, either. They are both equally admirable sentiments.

So, mellow out. Nobody's dissing Palestine or the Chairman. Nobody's saying settlements, etc, are good things. What I'm saying is that there is a commonality of intent in that statement, a recognition that there is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things and that both sides are equally guilty for fomenting an unending cycle of violence that is an insult to both the Palestinian and Israeli peoples.

Try and think outside the box for a moment: how does this end peacefully with what both sides would consider a fair solution?

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