05 December, 2008

Another Twitter feed!

This Twitter feed aims to tweet updates from all UAE blogs:


If you'd like to be included, just let me know. I'll add a few for starters: if yours gets added and you really object just let me know, and I'll remove it. Also bear in mind it can take a while for a new entry to get going on Twitterfeed, so if you post very soon after I add you, it might miss that first post.

The only requirement is that your blog publishes some kind of RSS feed. Often this can be enabled or disabled in your settings, so make sure it's enabled if you want your blog on it.

Basically it will tweet all new blog entries by any blog listed in it.

And as an experiment, I have put a Twitter widget in the sidebar. However I don't think it looks that great: what I think would work better would be a plainer one (no border) but I couldn't find one that seemed just right. Please do suggest alternatives.


Umar in Dubai said...

me please!


The Wizard of D said...

me too

secretdubai said...

Will add you guys first thing tomorrow!

Sheikha M. said...

Please add me as well!



Sha M

hemlock said...

SD, you do know someone is desperately looking for you? they've set up a blog and everything, and i think just about everyone on the blogroll has been emailed :D
"Who is secret dubai"
hmm. you think they'd be qualified to be added to the twitter feed thing? :D

Steve Ballmer said...

I also

secretdubai said...

All done!

Anyone else?

Mr DtP said...

Oh go on then.

Anonymous said...

Count me in,,,however still blocked by proxy

Nature Strikes Back said...

me too pls... thank you!

existential al ain said...

I hope it's not too late. Please could you add me to the uaebloggers Twitter account! Thanks so much.

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