05 December, 2008

Formula 1 Power Boat World Championship

This National Day there's so much happening , that I'm like a kid in a candy store. Tomorrow, 5th December 2.30 pm @ the Breakwater is the Formula 1 Power Boat World Championship. Abu Dhabi Round.
And for those of you who like Nancy Ajram, she will be singing and entertaining.


DUBAI JAZZ said...

Nancy Ajram is gay... :)

Lirun said...

shouldnt national day portray a women who is more compliant with culturally acceptable clothes?

kaya said...

Dear dj
Nancy Ajram is not GAY!!
She is a tranvestite (ladyboy).
Honestly dj!!

kaya said...

@ lirun
Do NOT go opening that can of worms.
Enjoy life, and the pleasure it has to offer.

Lirun said...

dear kaya

why does one have to so careful about asking simple questions..

so much is said on this blog about respecting traditions..

its a genuine question..

and yes i do enjoy life and its pleasures.. i wish we all could..

Anonymous said...

Lirun, for once I agree with you, but as ive said before, this country lost all that made it the UAE a while ago. Bring on the Lebanese whores.

she will be singing and entertaining

Clothed or...?

DUBAI JAZZ said...

lirun, i dont really get what are you bangin' on about. whats your point?

or are you just here to troll and stir trouble?

Mohammed said...

Dubai Jazz, and Kaya

While I rarely agree with Lirun, I would say his question is a very valid one.

I am sure you (Dubai Jazz) are perfectly aware of what Lirun means, I daresay many Emiratis also are asking the same question.

But you would rather call him a troll, because his question is probably a bit inconvenient for you....

I know its easier to close our eyes and pretend everything is fine as long as we drive our Hummers and Prados.

But its true that there should be a strong emphasis on Emirati heritage and culture in National Days, and if thinking of that means "stirring trouble", I would suggest we all move to North Korea or Turkmenistan, where we can all join hands and shout "Troublemaker" at anyone asking valid questions....

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Muhammed, since you seem to agree with lirun, i wonder if you can answer on his behalf too...

no, it's quite unclear to me what lirun is trying to say: is he saying that arabs don't know how to have a good time? is he saying that the expat crowd that nancy ajram are going to be singing to don't deserve to celebrate national day or eid holidays?

or are YOU saying that there are no female singers at all who can sing proudly on a national day?

exactly, what kind of a womanly activity do you see fitting for your taste on the national day?

ya3ni fi ra'yak a7lam mo motribah emarateyah? wo law nancy lebsat lebes mo7tashim sho al farg bainha wo bain a7lam?

i hope these are hard enough questions for you to nibble on during the holiday. :)

Eid adha mubarak...

DUBAI JAZZ said...

and lirun, would you be kind to tell me what you think of these?

photo 1.

photo 2.

Love it Or Leave it ( you don't even live here) said...

And so many more of these pictures Lirun! YOu know about them...but I guess you are addressing issues peraining to our country, which makes it non of your business with all due respect.

Try to fix the issues in the part of the world you are staying at (notice how political is that sentence) and then come and tell us how we should celebrate our national day..

kaya said...

@ lirun
No my dear you ask a simple question, and I know you suitably to understand where your question is coming from.
There have been plenty of activities that were purely heriatge based, but out here we are a multi cultural society, so if it gave the arab(non emirati)community also a chance to enjoy and be part of UAE's multicultural society then where is the harm. Agreed there are a lot of things we question but having said that, there is also much this place has to offer all of us. Be it from the subcontinet or from any Arab nation.
There is much freedom to practise ones religion/culture here which one cannot find in many countries.
And I can go on and on, but I know when I go to any place at least I can rest assured that I can come home with my family in ONE piece and in todays violent times, its a blessing.

@ anon
Whereas we all feel offended by indecently dressed women, and their moral decadence, but with good things come some bad, and this is the balance of nature.

For the record, I can assure you that there was a huge variety of activities, but I blogged about the ones I was aware of, and planned to go to. (i.e the Boat race not the tranvestite)
And I think dj has made reasonably valid points.

rosh said...

Has anyone been to this show? Thoughts?

The pics look amazing.

Lirun said...

the only reason i asked the question was because i have read a lot recently about the concern regarding the depletion of UAE's cultural heritage due to the demographic situation..

djazz: 7bibi.. esh andak fi rasak ya 7mar.. i have many arab friends some of which are amazing singers and some of which are female.. some are religious some are ultra modern.. i am well aware of the variety.. and no they dont shove vulgar photos of violent fanatics (that i have never defended ever) in my face every time i utter a sentence..

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShTQBKfpaZI for example..

this is a genuine question - not a stir..

LIOLI: no one is telling you how to celebrate and im not complaining.. i have no problem with the celebrations at all.. i was wondering merely what place the local culture played in the festivities..

Kaya - thank you.. now i understand..

i*maginate said...

Nancy Ajram walked right past me at a private concert and she's totally gorgeous!

Has anyone seen the latest pair of lips on Elissa? They're in ads on Jumeirah Beach Road. Funnily enough, can't rem. which brand she was endorsing lol!

Am I the only one who thinks she can't sing? On TV the other day she was mouthing AH AH AH into the microphone for what seemed to be the most part of the song...as a female I didn't appreciate it lol

i*maginate said...

Talking about trannies, one of them nearly reversed into my car the other day and I honked to warn 'her' and when I passed, 'it' put the window down and mouthed a profanity...

I was SO tempted to call the police and report them but didn't really wanna be in a confrontational situation with a tranny...!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

lirun, 3andi ras air fi kess immak.

it's quite funny for someone who comes from a 'nation' drenched in racism to its core to question the integrity of other people.

and btw these photos are very recent, couple of days old, courtesy of the beloved settlers of Al Khalil.

Lirun said...

dubai jazz: thank you for demonstrating the answer to my question.. ill pass your regards to my mother.. kindly send the same to yours..

i hope one day you'll allow for a single question of mine to be asked without asking me to defend a government (albeit mine)..

Anonymous said...

you love to stir troubles and you love to end as a victim
your game is so boring boy!
be more creative

Lirun said...

i have no game.. i just want to learn about the UAE.. without pretences and charades and fakeness..

i have more important things to do than play games.. believe me..

if people spent half the time answering my questions that they do getting pissed off that i ask them then i would be able to leave it at that..

better still.. just ignore me.. ill get tired after a while..

problem is - some people are nice enough to offer the information that i crave - so i come back and endure the saga because its worth it..

blame them not me..


happy eid to all those celebrating..

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