02 December, 2008

Happy National Day

To a country that keeps alive the romance and magic of Arabian Nights - may you continue to prosper and flourish in times to come.


Anonymous said...

Wishing all the citizens of UAE a very happy National Day.

Proud Emirati said...

Happy national day everyone

rosh said...

Happy national day everyone. Wish you all continued peace & prosperity.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Happy national day, may the UAE and its citizens and residents continue to live peacefully and prosper in this lovely hospitable country.

Love it OR Leave it said...

Happy National Day UAE.
May our unity last as long as we exist and may it be a place of peace & prosperity.

Enjoy the celebration everybody..

Lirun said...

mabrook - mazal tov!

kaya said...

happy Yawn Al Watani.
Enjoy the Holidays. And the awesome fireworks on Cornice tonight at 8.45.
Abu Dhabi

Sheikha M. said...

Happy National Day to all the Nationals and residents of this amazing place!

Bridget Jones said...

Felicitations! Bonne fete nationale!

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