31 December, 2008

New Year's Celebrations cancelled

This from the Gulf News (also on page 2 of today's 7 Days)http://gulfnews.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/viewer.aspx


www.hallodubai.com said...
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Anonymous said...

Before anyone starts any sick arguments about supporting muslims and non-muslims....let me say...as a non-muslim, no religion in the world would support such barbaric acts. Which religion supports such acts against children in particular??? Does it matter that they belong to a particular religion, or race or are in a location simply by accident of birth?

Hope the neighbouring countries will extend this gesture of solidarity even further and open their borders to those who seek refuge from this nightmare rather than beating them back into the jaws of death (eg. Egyptian security forces near the border of Gaza).

Let us all pray for these people in whatever way we can.

A blessed and peaceful new year to all (including atheists out there :-))

Damo said...

I'd like to know exactly what difference to those suffering in Palestine part-cancelling NYE events in Dubai is going to have.

I'm sure the government could have come up with a more useful plan, such as asking promoters to donate a percentage of their profit to the cause.

Either way, happy new year to all!

Ronnie Abdullah said...

Be careful, as you're not allowed to criticise the noble actions of our Great Leader. Just pretend it was all a wonderful idea, or you might upset him.

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