04 December, 2008

Dubai news Twitter feed

I have created a Twitter account that will publish Twitter searches on "Dubai" "Abu Dhabi" and "UAE". Basically what happen is if anyone anywhere mentions Dubai or the UAE in a tweet, it will be retweeted on dubaifeed.

If you want to Follow the feed, it's Twitter.com/dubaifeed

Also, if you have an interesting Twitter account yourself, feel free to mention it below. I'm publishing my blog to Twitter - #secretdubai - as well as UAE Community blog - #uaecommunity

It should actually be possible to feed everyone's blogs into a single Twitter account, it would be an interesting and useful alternative to a regular RSS reader to keep up to date with everything. Anyone can set this up via Twitterfeed.

***EDIT*** #dubaifeed no longer loops back its own tweets. The search code in the RSS that feeds it is now fixed.


Jobs in Dubai Listings said...

Hello to your community, I am from the Philippines and is trying to help my fellowmen as well as others get provided with some of the latest jobs in Dubai.

I have my own listing in my blog where some may find in the official overseas website as approved jobs for UAE. I hope to be of more help to others just like what this community is for. Nice to have stumbled upon this community.

Umar in Dubai said...

here is my twitter profile...


Follow me in my struggle to survive in Dubai

Glodny Krolik said...

Great work, many thanks

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