30 December, 2008

New Year's Celebrations Cancelled

Just got a link to Gulfnews:

Dubai: His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has ordered the cancellation of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has ordered the cancellation of all New Year celebrations on Wednesday as an act of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

I don't know if it really is going to happen, there are so many things going on. But give people the head's up.

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Mars said...

going to piss off alot of people for sure. especially those paying thousands for NYE bashes.

hemlock said...
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Anonymous said...

soo what is it now is concerts cancelled like shakira's??

hemlock said...

gulf news sucks, that's one million points for cr*ppy editing...
according to the story, sheikh mo has cancelled himself on new year's:

"His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has ordered the cancellation of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai"

is that a valid decree even?

Proud Emirati said...

Well, the ones who are pissed off should direct their anger toward Israel.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO hemlock. I noticed that too.

Sigh. I'm kind of glad. I don't like to take sides or anything, but the attacks were barbaric.

Mars said...

Why should they? It's not their problem it happened. And besides, I believe that people have a right to their opinion and being able to express them.

I on one hand, feel badly for the people of Gaza. Death is never good.

Yet, I don't feel like I should give up my plans for them. This is never ending and not the first time.

If a family member died or a member of the Royal family in the UAE kicked the bucket, then I'd be sad. Yes, I'd be sad because UAE is my home and I respect it's leaders.

But if Sheikh Mo or anyone else wants to mourn for Gaza, good for them. Don't expect me or force me to join.

And no, this does not make me a bad person or Muslim. Nor a Zionist or pro-Israeli.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you mars. No reason to hate ALL israelis.

Stained said...

I'm just ROFL at the various people of my age group whinning about this cause they can't party and get drunk!!!

Proud of Sheikh Mohammad... :D

Mars said...

i'm not a party girl and i don't drink. i just think it's rather silly enforcing one's opinion on others. protests are voluntary, not forced.

BuJassem said...

Bravo Sheikh Mo

Stained said...

@Mars...wasn't talking about you...I'm just poking fun at people on facebook who have a whiny status right now!!!

Proud Emirati said...

Mars, welcome to the UAE where ur opinion does not matter !

Mars said...

thank you for proving how arrogant that comment was.

jack demo said...

For those who say its an opinion, let me tell you that grief with a brother is a must in our islamic and arabic culture. If you dont know that, I dont blame you as you dont belong to this land.

secretdubai said...

I should imagine the Palestinians would far prefer heavy military aid than a few sandland hotels locking up the champagne.

Far better to do something constructive, like hold a huge concert to raise aid money, or encourage hotels and bars to have collections for the Red Crescent.

This will just mean more private parties and people getting pissed up in their hotel rooms.

Proud to be Muslim said...

I was only earlier on wondering, how can the Ummah celebrate 2009 with what is going on in Palestine? I could not make plans for tomorrow. My heart was not in it.

At last, a proof that Dubai has not completely sold its soul.

Today I'm proud to be Muslim in this land.

Proud to be Muslim said...

@ Secret Dubai, it is symbolic.

You don't hold a concert where people enjoy themselves and the booze flows when your brothers are getting killed in this manner. Not everything is about money.

Let private parties be held and let all who want to get pissed in hotel rooms, nobody cares. The aim is not to stop them from doing so, but to stand in an act of solidarity for Palestine.

Hats off Sheikh Mo.

Cheeky Minx or Let's call a spade a spade! said...

I applaud Sheik Mo's decision.

Anonymous said...

Great work.. In the midst of a huge downturn in Hotel occupancy in Dubai a last minute cancellation like this is an absolute joke. Do they want to bankrupt the hotels.. People will never come back to Dubai after this debacle and I do not blame them. There is absolute outrage amonst the whole community this evening with many plans being thrown into disarray and Tens of Millions of Dollars gone to waste.

Anonymous said...

Does Dubai even have enough money to compensate all the hotels / businesses for canceling all these parties that have been planned?

Or are all these companies and people just screwed?

Anonymous said...

isn't Atlantis a zionist owned hotel, or at least the gem store there levaviv or something.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! So the fact that a muslim country shouldnt be having new years celebrations isnt enough, no. killing in a part of the world that has nothing to do with us, yes, that'll do it.


Anonymous said...

Having lived in the Middle East for 20yrs, I know for a fac that Gulf Arabs dislike Palestinians, Jordanians, Lebanese etc, i have also witnessed the pulling together of the brotherhood when it suits, this is hypocrisy of the highest form! What about poor smaller businesses who might just go over the edge because of this show of solidarity, and have to put people out of work, as was said to me by a friend, this is about as much use as Gordon Brown getting circumcised to show support for the jews!

rosh said...

Well, perhaps look on the bright side - no drunken public parties, sex and drivers.

safss reporting from sydney said...

canceling the festivities is great, but moral support alone will not help those 2000 seriously injured. I suggest that sheikh Mo gets his hands on all the money made from ticket sales and uses it to send aid to the wounded and in immediate need for medical attention.

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think this is going to stop people celebrating it? There will be even more private parties and probably MORE drunk drivers due to the fact that they have to take their cars to the venues where taxis are not going to be sitting outside waiting.
Strange decision so late in the day and absolutely crippling for the local economy in my opinion.

ColOman said...

The highest respect for Shiekh Mo for putting his people above Money.......... thats the way its should always be........

Anonymous said...

First off I do think that the attacks in Gaza are wrong and should be halted imediatley. The Israeli's are the real terroists and everybody is scared to stand up against them because of their international support.

I do however think that halting the celebrations is wrong because there are way too many tourists that paid a lot of money to come here who will get extremely pissed off. They will go home and tell their friends and this will negativley affect tourism because none of these people will ever come again.
Hotels are already struggling in this region because of the credit crunch and this will only make it worse.

Good Luck Dubai

Harsha said...

@ mars:

i'm not a party girl and i don't drink

Contradicting your own blog there girl

But if Sheikh Mo or anyone else wants to mourn for Gaza, good for them. Don't expect me or force me to join.

When a ruler of a neighboring country passes away, UAE usually has a national holiday declared. You dont object that kind of mourning, do you? "I dont think I should mourn! Hence, I will go to work!"

As much as the fact that I had some major plans for this evening, its not the end of the world. But for some ppl, it is. I think we all can respect that.

Although latest I hear is, all outdoor events are cancelled. Indoor/ club parties still on.

fellow atheist said...

I agree with SD. It is a nice gesture, but why lose money where nobody wins. If outing places are made to dedicate space and mention for donations, it would have a far better effect.

1) Awareness
2) Money for aid
3) Nobody loses money here (hotels, gov't, etc.)

Everybody wins. Why do Arab gestures have to be a lose-lose situation?

hemlock said...

exactly what do people want to celebrate?
our failure to function successfully as a collective whole?
frankly, animals do a better job of providing for and protecting each other in communities...

Anonymous said...

It's funny that the UAE hasnt EVEN made a public statement denouncing the attacks on Gaza, yet now enforcing a cancellation of all parties and celebrations is going to help the Palestinians through this situation !!
But hey, you gotta admit its easier than sending supplies to gaza or cutting even 5% of the oil exports to the countries supporting the aggression.
Im Sure the Israelis will be quite pleased that they are celebrating the new year and we are not... good job !

CG said...

So I assume that everyone should also be at work on Thursday? Ahem.

Kyle said...

I don't go with the flow on this one.

Maximum respect to /all/ those that're not hypocrites.

Having said that, keep em' coming and feel the happy zen zen list joy!

Anonymous said...

Where was the solidarity and the banning of celebrations when Mumbai was attacked?

I guess it is ok for other people to die (especially at the hands of muslims) but god forbid someone fights back (Who asked Hamas to fire rockets and then go hide among civilians? - typical cowards).

I wasn't going out on New Year's anyway - But now I am going to be blasting music and partying extra hard...


Anonymous said...

How come there was no banning of music and all when Mumbai was attacked, when the Marriot in Pakistan was bombed, when Iraqis are killed by their own people?

- Simran

Mars said...

i meant specifically for new years. and yes, i'm not a party girl. if you read my blog you would know that.

and as i mentioned before, if someone from the ruling family does die, I do mourn and i respect that.

Anonymous said...

Before I write anything, let me first state that I believe the Palestinian struggle is one of the most noble in the world, and I have personaly taken time out of my life several times to protest and raise money for them.


This is quite possibly one of the greatest blunders in the history of decision making by any leader.

First and foremost, in an economic environment such as this, we should be facilitating and encouraging tourism, not destroying it in one dumbfounded single announcement. The repercussions of this will be felt for a long time. If Gulf Arabs weren't the butt of jokes world wide, they surely will be now.

Secondly, the hypocracy of this decision is astronomical. You want to show solidarity with Palestinians? Sell some of your palaces or even some of the 100's of exotic cars you own and send them some money. Don't impose your ill advised logic on others.

I have friend's visiting, and there are many tourists here right now. How the hell am I supposed to explain this to them? "Oh umhh, yeah, I know the Israeli-Palestinian thing has been going on since 1947, but we've chosen New Years Eve of all days to show solidarity." BULLSHIT.

Furthermore, non of the media outlets in Dubai have the balls to even mention this topic, let alone critique it.

I can go on forever with well-grounded arguments, but the best way to summarize this ruling is to use one word: STUPID.

p.s. I hope I don't get deported or jailed for voicing my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Are the events in Abu Dhabi still on? If so would all the Dubai party animals come down here?

JOKER said...


I am not a Racist but Israel is in human, all those who are upset should rather curse Isreal for being the cause of the cancellations.

Long Live U.A.E

Anonymous said...

Bless You Sheikh Mohammad. that the least we should do towards our brothers in Gaza. Mustafa

Ahmed said...

Come on !! ,

I am A muslim , I am a kuwaiti

when Iraq ( Muslims ) invaded Kuwait ( Muslims ) and start killing our people (Muslims) the Palastines (Muslims) stands against us even the rise up in our country and we feed them all the past years !!!

my Point is , they have a problem , its not ours so why we dont celebrate !!!

i think that after that action of cancel the celebrations some buisness leaders will start thinking what also maybe could happen in the future like these acts that could affect their busniess here in Dubai.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Like it or not, NYE celebration is a public activity. Whether in hotels or bars or clubs. Would you not hear visitors saying: “oh, I saw people of the UAE celebrating, they don’t seem disturbed by what’s happening in Gaza”….

The UAE government has the right to orchestrate its public events in such a way that suits its policies and alliances.

Anyway, nobody is stopping you from celebrating in your home.

Anonymous said...

It's quite ridiculous to cancel celebrations. Why does it take this event to make it happen. What about Iraq, Afganistan, and all the other countries that are having constant blood shed in them? Its kind of hypocritical on many parts. People all over the world are suffering and dying, but that has not stopped any form of celebrations until now.

And to try and force people into a solomn new year is extremely messed up. People will STILL party tonight. People will still celebrate..

rosh said...

Hemlock - true, what exactly are people celebrating?! I mean the year's just begun, what's to partaaay? For some people it's an excuse to club, get all wasted, dance to some stranger's genitalia and howl away into new year's. Perhaps enjoy some home cooking with family, friends and those who matter.

Patricia said...

thanx for sharing your joke. I am thinking if I should laugh now!

btw, I have planned to party hard until the sun rises! Nobody can stop me enjoying ma LIFE.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with Jack Demo, and I repeat his words:
“For those who say it’s an opinion let me tell you that grief with a brother is a must in our Islamic and Arabic culture. If you don’t know that, I don’t blame you as you don’t belong to this land”

God Bless Sheikh Mo

DUBAI JAZZ said...

I think Shiekh Mohamed’s decision is working out quite well!

Sounds like many people only felt the gravity of the situation in Gaza when their NYE celebration got cancelled.

Anonymous said...

Nick_on my way to Dubai,
This is nonince....... I am on way to Dubai in a few hours to celebrate the new year, paid for tickets hotel accomidation and tickets to the Madinats New Year Celebrations. How stupid can one be in doing this hours before the new year. This fighting has been going on for 4 days now, Why was this not decleared like 2 day before?????? This is not good news for Dubai's tourism and also not for the economy. I feel for Gaza but it this the right way to force a leaders political point of view on to expats, tourist and his own people. Come on Mo CATCH A WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUBAI SUCKS !!!!!!


god bless u shaikh mohamed ,this is the least we can do for our brothers and sisters in GAza. to Mars...nobady care about ur opinion and we as locals also dont care whether u are a muslim or zionist, all we care about is PPL of GAZA. and if u dont like it ....throw ur self from Burj Dubai

Anonymous said...

To all of you supporting this decision, I hope you plan to stay home and be somber for the rest of your lives because I don't see an end to Israelis killing Palestinians.

Showing solidarity for one night and partying and celebrating every other day reeks of hypocracy.

Ayesha said...

When the Mumbai attacks happened or Marriott bombings, there wasn't any major celebration in Dubai anyway, not to the scale of how New Years is..

I don't see how people can want to celebrate when there's so much chaos and misery in Gaza, it could easily have been you living there, and if the whole world is celebrating when your family is dying and your home has been destroyed, you'd question humanity.

Empathy... we should practice it more

It's not about canceling new years and the financial losses to the hotels, and omg people won't have a cool place to be at midnight so they can tell all their friends later.. it's a symbol of our solidarity as people, whether you're palestinian or jewish or hindu or atheist.. thousands of innocent people are suffering and if all we can do is complain about not being able to party for one night, we should think about where our humanity is..

Yes our govt could send more financial aid and take a stronger stand, I totally believe that, but even a small gesture is something

Stained said...

Emirates UAE....that last part of the comment was uncalled for...saying something like that does not make you any different....

Stained said...

I meant 'Emirati UAE'

Anonymous said...

Posted @ 10:29 by Ananymous:

I hope you get deported or get into jail!


Anonymous said...

They have just announced the canellation on CNN, so now its worldwide. I feel for those people who have lost their lives on both sides of the fence. death is death whether you are Palestinian or Isreali, Bombs from aircraft or rockets from the sky, they still mean only one thing.

The cancelling of the evening celebrations is not the way I think would move things forward. Unless a diplomtaic solution is sought then these actions will never go away. Isreal will not disappear and the plight of the Palastinains will not go away. There needs to be a mindset change built up over years of trust that you can live next to your neighbour without feeling threatened by him/her. That works both ways. Only a real wish for peace over many years will change this situation.

Taking sides for "our brothers" only throws fuel on the fire and keeps hatred burning for years to come.

I hope the killing stops, and that is where my thoughts will be but I will also be thinking of my loved ones tonight.

In summary, bad thing for Dubai by canellations. diplomacy and political interaction is the way forward. not pressing the abort button on local business at a time of recession.

Happy New Year everyone !!

Sugar-Free Sweetie said...

REALLY PROUD OF HIS HIGHNESS' decision...and those ignorant comments just don't stop now do they?
I guess even muslims are acting as if they don't know anything and whine about not being able to celebrate....AS MUSLIMS WE ARE COMPELLED TO FEEL FOR OTHER MUSLIMS WHO ARE SUFFERING through such hard-times....This is part of our culture and religion...if you don't know or can't get it then atleast don't say something stupid for god's sake...just do what you wanna do behind closed doors....don't force it upon everyone who do have some humanity left and would like to support the Palestinian cause by simplest things...and well said EMARATI_UAE.

Anonymous said...

Posted @ 10:29 by Anonymous:

I really hope u get deported or go to jail for your STUPID words!

God Bless Sheikh Mohammed

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, since when do you Emiratis like palestinians ?

Anonymous said...

What is most ridiculous is that all this discussion about the cancellation of nye seems to spark so much hate and anger again between people living here. I just read a comment poosted on another website where someone was rambling about the f... expats who should f... stop nagging. I don't think this sort of rage will do any good. It is a shame that there are still wars in the world most of them just because of money matters. And worse still is that people take some opinions as the only valid truth without asking if it is real. Come on we are all people after all. It won't do any good if we just fight and don't talk. It won't hurt anyone if nye is cancelled but war affects everyone.

Anonymous said...

Now the Dubai Bubble has realy burst.

Anonymous said...

omg last comment really scared me..."we care only about people in Gaza"hmm let me ask u... HOW??? DID U DO SOMETHING???? DID U SEND ANY SUPPORT??? i dont thinnk its support comes with other people's destroying a celebrating great holuday like new year// all over the world is the hugest and promising holiday!!! PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!!! its not just next month!!!
i do understand locals here dont celebrate NY on 31st but AT LEAST u shud respect other people living and taking their vacations here also!!!

Anonymous said...

To All the great supporters of this ban,

So what do you do for the Palestinians? This is nothing but an empty Gesture. Why aren't you there in Palestine standing shoulder to shoulder with them.

To Ayesha,

So basically you are saying that the Mumbai attacks didn't warrant the ban on some music in the clubs?

But the Palestinian one does. Is it because the Mumbai victims were not muslim?

To every other supporter,

Lets get straight to the matter. You support the Palestinians cos they are muslims. But you don't care about non-muslims (like in Mumbai, Sept 11 etc etc). So why should I care about your muslim "freedom struggles"?

To Rosh,

The point is not about the partying and getting drunk. The point is about having the right to do such things without someone imposing their will on you.

And Finally,

Have a good happy new year everyone. Yes, even you religious supremists.

- DC2020

Anonymous said...

Posted @ 13:21

So you hope someone intelligent and with an opinion who makes a lot of valid points goes to jail or gets deported because they stated some good facts.

If you kick everyone like that out of your country then only the locals would be left.

Anonymous said...

Hey Emirati UAE,

Are you talking about the same Burj Dubai that was designed by the Locals and built by them???

Oh wait that doesn't exist.

Why don't you go do an honest days hard work and then talk about buildings that were designed by foreigners and built by foreigners and paid for by foreign money.


Anonymous said...

I think you need to look at the bigger pitcure, perhaps this has been done for our safety, maybe this is their way of preventing a potential attack in the UAE - I imagine all of the world is on high alert for reprisals from Hamas.

Ayesha said...

CNN hasn't said anything about it from what I could find, the international edition of the New York times has:

Sugar-Free Sweetie said...

why doesn't it surprise me that all the baseless comments are Anonymous...hmmm

but the funniest bit was "respect other people living and taking their vacations here also"

Thanx for gracing my country with your presence...and I will make sure to give up my beliefs and feelings just so you can enjoy your time and "celebrate" the new year.

Anonymous said...

Just found out they've cancelled the Shakira concert.....

it just keeps getting better....

looks like it's time to leave this desert and go back home....

Anonymous said...

Just found out they've cancelled the Shakira concert.....

it just keeps getting better....

looks like it's time to leave this desert and go back home....

Anonymous said...

Sugar Free...

The sensible comments are annonymous because in your "country" people are afraid to voice their opinion.

www.hallodubai.com said...

I'm all for it. But solidarity is a bit bias, as long as you have the Leviev's operating shops in Dubai. Considering they are among the main financiers of the Israeli settlements, I don't believe many people can understand how that is in congruence to showing solidarity to the Palestinians.
Big question mark.

hemlock said...

ayesha, it was on CNN (tv)- "Dubai shows solidarity with Gaza" or something to that affect. they showed the clip where shk Mo was talking at the gulf forum or something... it was on mute so i didnt hear what he said.

also, shk mo is awesome. even with the blue tinted glasses.

Anonymous said...

weird cos I didn't see the middle east cancelling anything for all the muslim casued terrorist attacks that happened to the US or UK or other places and when the Pakis bombed mumbai.....where was the act of solidarity there? sorry but can't help to think that so its ok for muslims to kill others but when non musilims are killed its ok?

Anonymous said...

bit surprising that only dubai shows solidarity! What with the other emirates? why don't they cancel ?

hemlock said...

rosh, one of my best friends (who happens to be Hindu, and who happens to live in NY) said this to me this morning:
"i don't think i'm in the party mood???
sue me, but its sort of symbolic
i don't wanna ring in the new year with alcohol and in a roomful of crazy strangers"

but that's just one person.

Anonymous said...

how come dubai cancels and the other emirates dont? how is that for solidarity and support? Just wondering

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

It was a PR opportunity for Dubai. Dubai never cared and never will. Nothing noble here.

I don't do NYE celebrations, so I don't care either way. Just wanted to be clear that I see this as nothing but a PR stunt.

Kyle said...

Just had a quick word with a bud at work and this is what he had to say:


First-off, crappy decision.

Second, wouldn't it have been worthwhile if the authorities here had allowed all the celebrations to go as scheduled and then donated 5% of all proceedings to all those that were/are displaced/affected in Gaza?


To a certain extent, he echoed what SD & Fellow Atheist said above!

Alrighty, back to you guys now for further action!

Have a good one :)

Anonymous said...

i seem to remember seeing on the TV the Palestinians having parties and dancing in the street after 7/11

rosh said...

Hemlock, I hear ya! Most Arab (Christian & Muslim) friends in NY, Toronto and Montreal are preparing to party hard on New Year's. I guess, to each their own..

Anon 31 December, 2008 14:57 - yup! you've got it right - please, leave the "desert". Honestly, when you've got Shakira strutting her stuff back home, why do the likes of you come into the "desert" in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Please don't give me anymore about solidarity because i am feeling nauseous now! I have had to cancel my safari companies Event, we are a small company employing a majority of Muslim staff, we are already facing financial crisis because of the current situation and tonight would have been a great help to our company, as a result we are facing closure which will result in our staff being unemployed, they are supporting their families, so they will suffer, our suppliers also small companies will suffer, so please don't tell me anymore about Muslim brother's having lived here a long time I know the reality of your brotherhood, so stop being so arrogant and stupid and think further than the end of your own noses, today I am as oppressed as any Palestinian due to this decision. Thank you Dubai

Anonymous said...

This is my first time blogging and i probably won't be able to see if anyone comments on my opinion.
However i think that was is being done is excellent. It has ppl talking and possible opening their eyes to events that often go unread in the newspaper. For many ppl not just those in gaza but many other countries will not be ringing in the new year as many of us had planned.
So maybe its time that we sit down with our families and shed some light on what is really important in this short time we call life. And if SH.Muhammad had to cancel the intense partying in order for many of us (myself included) to see whats going on outside out sheltered bubble so be it. Becasue we have valentines day, easter, eid, and many other holidays to look forward to.
Wish you and your families a happy and peacfull year

Stained said...

Why the f*** do people associate a terrorist to a religion....no religion teaches us to kill. So the people who bombed the US, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, UK, Yemen , Afghanistan etc are not from any religion. They are terrorists, that's it....why the hell do people not get this simple fact right....

Just because this city was not closed because some body was killed in your country does not mean we can't show solidarity to some one else.

If anyone has a problem the way Sheikh Mohammad runs this city, you can take it up with the authorities if you have the guts of raising a voice. But you're going to hide in a corner cause you are scared to be deported because your so f***ing happy to be living in this country instead of your homeland.

I agree with the solidarity trying to be showed by Sheikh Mohammad. I also agree that there are better ways to help those people affected. I also agree that this decision wasn taken too late and at the wrong economic time. But the decision has been made...not that it has stopped much of the fun. Many parties are still on so the bunch who just want another reason to get HIGH need to not worry...just don't hump each other on a beach!!!

Proud to be Muslim said...

@ Anonymous 13.53.

Erm.. amongst the Mumbai victims were Muslims too if you don't know. Also, lots of Muslims condemned the attack. I was amongst them. Islam does not support terrorism FYI.

Oh, and says who that people who are supporting the ban are ONLY supporting the ban? Do you have any idea how much money has been contributed to Palestinian relief funds by Dubai-based people since Saturday?

@ all those who say that it is because it's Muslim who are getting killed that Dubai is reacting, that it didn't react about Mumbai etc..., of course it is true. It is OUR DUTY as Muslims to show solidarity with brothers and sisters who suffer elsewhere. I MAKE NO EXCUSES FOR THAT.

So, in case you were living in a bubble, wake up, this is the Middle East, you are in a Muslim country at the end of the day. Don't you get fooled by Shakira strutting her stuff and think you have made this a Western place 100%!

@ Anon, 13.56
I've heard the same from a couple other sources. I think is it a distinct possibility... Which only makes Sheikh Mo's decision wise. He would be protecting the very expats who are bad-mouthing him. Hmmm.. Maybe a terrorist attack here is what it takes to shut up those who wanna party hard till the sun rises!

Anonymous said...

Was NYE cancelled when 200,000 people were killed by the tsunami on Dec 26 a few years ago?
No. Thought not.
Completely facile, if I were a tourist here today I would not be returning. The knock-on effect is huge.
Another in Dubai's catalogue of knee-jerk decrees without thinking through the implications or consequences, just like one-villa one-family, ID cards, visa changes, salik, George Bush day and on and on and on....

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Dubai didnt really care about the boxingday Tsunami?

Why not declare a national holiday in solidarity?

Anonymous said...

Watching CNN and seeing the worlds celebrations i cant stop thinking about what great PR campaigns this is for the cities featured....

Dubai loses out this year.

Alisha said...

Its a sad sad day when people have to defend their right to celebrate a new year. These two countries have been at war for thousands of years. So one night is NOT going to make a difference to anyone. The only way to make a difference is for people to stop breeding hate into their children. The generations of hate and ignorance needs to stop.

As for everything else.. Yes many danced in the streets the day the planes flew into the World Trade center towers in the States.. They danced over the bombings in the UK.. No one showed solidarity for those who died. Instead they showed a complete lack of respect for innocent lives lost.

No one is showing solidarity for the innocent people of Sudan, Iraq, Afganistan, or any of the other countries that are facing the same types of issues.

So everyone on here needs to stop being hypocrites and start making a change. One day does not matter. People are STILL GOING TO PARTY TONIGHT.. People are still carrying on with their own lives.

People should not be forced into solomn new year over this.. Its a time to celebrate the things we have, and a chance to look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

Alisha said...

And by the way Sugar Free Sweetie, before you make comments about people posting baseless comments under anonymous, you sure are doing the same thing with your fake name on here as well..

Anonymous said...

Well said Alisha, couldnt agree more!

Cheeky Minx said...

Hilarious how some think this is a knee-jerk reaction purely as a solidarity show for Palestine.

Grow up, will ya?

Clearly there are behind the scenes events we are not aware of which made Sheikh Mo take this decision a day before D day.

I'd err on the side of the T word too.

Happy New Year all.

samuraisam said...

This is a brilliant show of solidarity; I have complete faith that tomorrow Palestine and Israel are going to kiss and make up and the world will be a better place.

All the people commenting and fighting tooth and nail for Palestine are doing such a great job for them, especially since none of them are actually in Palestine right now.

Stained said...

samuraisam...can you please close this topic...it's going no where...

samuraisam said...

stained: People always whine when I shut down posts about Palestine, but today I'm going to leave it (at least a little longer)

If you all want to piss up a flag-pole, please continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

This is about your right as an individual to choose. The Shaikh has taken that away from us. That is what I don't like.

samuraisam said...

You've got to love Gulf News: "Dubai residents welcome decision to greet New Year with somberness"

This thread with a whole bunch of arguing and the quadrupled amount of page views today are representative of everyone being completely happy about this.

Dragan said...

I just came back from Jebel Ali Club and feel very sad.

People over there have spent more than 5 days preparing everything and now its all waste. All cenceled. Not even a dinner. Everybody coming and getting refund.
When I saw all cakes and food prepared, must be at least 10-15000 dirhams.
So what they are going to do is tothrow it away.
What a great way of helping Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

These news has 'hidden' the announcement today that Corporation Tax and Personal Income Tax will be introduced into the UAE as sson as possible and before 2012.

So if your an ex-pat start packing your bags and if your a local say goodbye to Starbucks afternoons and bulging bank accounts, you will start to have to earn a living soon.

Maybe you could offer our jobs to all the Palestinans you feel so much for and see how this place prospers...

Anonymous said...

Bridget finds Michael Gaiser's comment on Time Out Dubai interesting. Thought she'd share with you guys here, is that okay?

" 'H.H. Sheikh Mohamed has proved it one more time what a great peoples' leader he truly is.

Being a Christian I know what it is to have the NYE bash cancelled but based on the situation I feel it is worth the cause.

All hats off to H.H.S. Mo'


Let's not forget that we are all making money in this country and in our country, most of us would make peanuts, That's why we are here!

Also, these guys are rippping us off with their DJ events during the entire year so missing one night, so what?? good for my bank account.

Michael Gaiser on Time Out Dubai.

Read it all here:

Bonne et Heureuse Année à tous!

hemlock said...

sam: i for one am totally loving it!

Gillian said...

To all those idiots who say they don't give a sh1t about the people who have chosen to come to Dubai to celebrate New Year and who are now stuck with nothing to do.

Do you not understand that these people have forked out their hard earned money to come and spend it in YOUR country, to help prop up YOUR economy? Do you not realise that they have now had their New Years celebration ruined? They can't get that money back, and they certainly they can't get the time back. OK, so its only one night BUT...

... you know what, they will go back home and tell everyone how they were ripped off and that the local people said Tuff Shit. They will go back home and decide next year to clebrate somewhere with a little more sanity and a lot less pretentious hypocrisy. And its not like there's a lack of choice. And they will tell all their friends to do the same. They also don't have a lack of choice. So Dubai will be empty soon. Oh dear. Where is the money going to come from? Who's going to stay in those big pretentious overpriced hotels?

Anonymous said...


No partying means less people will end up crashing, dying and consuming alcohol and turning into an animal.

Anonymous said...

To Proud to be a Muslim,

Terrorism has a religion and we all know what it is.

Look at all the facts.

Where are you when these people are being trained?

Where are you when these people attack others.

Mouthing stupid condemnations.

Don't give me that crap. We all know that your word mean nothing. Where are your actions???????????


Don't give me that stuff about solidarity with muslim brothers.

A true human being is empathetic to others regardless of their race or religion.

You are not a human being if you decide that someone deserves your support just because of their beliefs.


Anonymous said...

For all the uneducated,

Please check on the records (U.N and U.S state govt) about the amount of money thats donated to Israel and Palestine by the U.S.

You will find that Palestine gets more money.

I wonder where the money goes.

- DC2020

D said...

Ppl I know are getting sms's from clubs/hotels saying that while they are 'respecting' the cancellations on NYE parties, their clubs are 'still open with drinks and music' although they are not celebrating New Years, so please come.

Ah well ...

Anonymous said...

D, so no hats and whistles? Damn! I'll give up my cone shaped hat for the Palestinian cause.

Mars said...

the point is - this really was an empty gesture. it doesn't help anyone. during this economic crisis, we need tourism, we meed people coming and this last-minute cancellation only hurts the tourism and the economy. for those who say we don't care about that, then figure out how to get money - oh wait, you're already doing that by sucking expats dry.

and as for helping Gaza, instead of shouting down people who aren't of the same mind, actually go and help them.

this all just hypocrisy.

and where was all that solidarity again when other attacks happened? mumbai blasts, UK blasts and 9/11? Besides condemning 'terrorists' whatever else did you do?

and speaking of which, the irony is that many palestinians and arabs were happy when the planes crashed. which is again hypocrisy. a tragedy is a tragedy, no matter who got killed. you laugh over one tragedy and expect us to feel sorry when you get attacked?

also, for all the emiratis who are arrogant to say my opinion doesn't count and expats are pretty much worth nothing, try running the country without us and then talk. kick everyone out and do their jobs - from middle management to being a janitor. see how you like it.

and as for muslim solidarity, that's fresh considering there's discrimination amongst arabs and muslims within the uae. where do you see palestinians being treated as well as emiratis or westerners? most palestinians i've come across mostly work middle-to-low-level jobs. and have a slightly better status than indians - but at the bottom of the arab rung in terms of worth.

i'm rather sick of this so i'm not going to get into this anymore. point is that even though the gesture was nice - it is empty.

rosh said...

I just got back from the Marbella at SHJ Corniche. Happy to report the "boys" and their tinted toys are out in full force - blaring music, pimped cars and all else fancy. Just the usual New Year's or Eid "celebrations".

D said...

Fireworks outside my window right now ... I live in New Dubai ...

So much for the cancellation...

Anonymous said...

Please take the time to go round Dubai right now and you will see that NYE has not been cancelled at all, as usual only the little people have suffered with small clubs like Jebel Ali and small Safari companies, business as usual all over Dubai for the 5 star hotels and Big Clubs. Now what was that about solidarity again, don't make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Call me Steve, I just do this anonymous because I have no account and want to add something very fast:

This is actually all about Dubai and not Palestine.

I will not get into the discussion about religion or politics. Only so much: Religion is something personal and mixing it with politics and power is coming at a price.

If that decision is based on solidarity, ok. Although I think there would have been better ways to show it. I still have the feeling there is more to that decision and that is Dubai internal, but I do not have that insight.

I am shocked about some Emirati comments here, about People that should leave the country or get deported. That is arrogant to the core.

The wealth of this country originates from oil. Other countries paid for that oil. With that money the Emiratis buy all the nice products from other countries and show off, some have no other culture but showing of wealth. If the oil Ends, other money has to come in. Problem is, with business and tourism more and more people actually come here and they not just arrive and hand over the money, they want something. That is something Dubai and other Emirates have not come to terms with: They have to get along with the people that pay their bills. The success of Dubai is only possible with foreigners, so better try to treat them as friends, even if they are not muslims and drive a smaller car...

I have been bullied and scolded on Dubai streets by agressive Emirati drivers many times. Drivers that just need to spend the money of their family. Money that comes from my country through oil or tourism or other ways. In a car that comes from my country. But money can have a very ugly face.

Anonymous said...

i dont get how people lighting up candles is helping gaza and as a fellow khaliji mentioned about what the plastinians did to their host country, kuwait, when saddam invaded kuwait. They went against the host that accepted them and cared for them. the uae built many many many homes and donated probably billions and let them stay in our country...but what do we get? hear them talking to each other...dissing the uae and emaratis

Lirun said...

for what its worth.. as an israeli - in solidarity with 1,000,000 of my fellow compatriots who are now at risk of indiscriminate rocket fire and 1,500,000 gazans who are at risk of being bombed by my country's army i decided not to attend any nye parties last night..

you may as well know hwvr that nye in israel is a non event.. the next day is never a holiday and the parties always suck anyway..

i am nevertheless deeply saddened by my country's approach and am only mildly consoled by the fact that israel let 190 truckloads of humanitarian aid in to gaza in the past 48 hours..

at the same time.. i think in other countries celebrations shouldnt be cancelled but rather dedicated to the victims of the conflict.. show even handedness.. be true to the notion of every life is valued and should be lived without fear..

and maybe even donate part of the proceeds of events to support the cause rather than depress it..

dont bask in the victimhood.. show them an alternative way.. show us an alternative way.. we all stand to benefit..

s said...

Could someone post up a list of things we as individuals (muslims and non-muslims, arabs and non-arabs) can do to help the people in Gaza in small ways. For instance in addition to donating money etc., writing letters to officials etc.?

I have searched all over on the web and could only find this list of 25 actions you can take for Gaza that addressed this question:

Those from Israel can also do a lot I know. Particularly with the upcoming election. (http://zope.gush-shalom.org/index_en.html).

For those outside Israel, the US has a significant role in this: 3 billion dollars is provided to Israel as aid and all 3 billion goes to purchase of weapons. Have a look at the post (1st January) about armed Israeli settlers here:

So I am thinking, one thing to add to that list, for those living outside the US, young people can start a facebook campaign to boycott some major US product (eg. Pepsi) till they actually say no to what is happening in Israel/Palestine. Didn't it work with the Danish? Plus you get to stop yourself eating junk food!

s said...

Hopefully someone will close this post and start a new one that is positive and pro-active and asks us what can we do to help stop the carnage in addition to donating money for food and other short-term relief? I was hoping someone would come up with some ideas but they haven't.

What this 85-year old Israeli says about the importance of not giving up on change is also extremely pertinent to those living in Arab countries:
It is aptly titled I dream of another Israel.

To paraphrase *Mahatma Gandhi, we can't expect the world to change without being the change ourselves.

*Interestingly enough Gandhi did write an article in 1938 about this very issue.

Kyle said...

Hello (Poster) S:
04 January, 2009 05:29

Thank you for posting a link to that 1938 article.

The only reason my Family and I respect Mr. M. K. Gandhi is for advocating, adopting, and taking the non-violent path to achieve his objectives & goals for his countrymen & in-part mankind. I believe his fine principle of 'non-violence' kept the death-rate down especially during the struggle(s) led by Dr. Martin Luther King & the Dalai Lama. For now, these two (followers) come to mind.

But, to a certain extent the logic in his statement made circa 1938 'Palestine belongs to the Arabs...France to the French' is now a bit off. Whatever may have been the reason(s) or circumstance(s) for the resettlement of Jews and the creation of a country, the State of Israel is here to stay and nobody can deny this for a fact. Please do not misunderstand my statement, as I don't mean it from an arrogant manner but in a logical sense to make my point.

Which brings me back to re-emphasizing my second paragraph. Everybody involved must embrace the concept of adopting a non-violent path in resolving differences. This so, to live in peace & harmony with your neighbors.

Peace :)

s said...

Kyle, yes I agree with your statement and agree the article should be taken in context. Also you will see this statement:
"The Jews born in France are French in precisely the same sense that Christians born in France are French." So of course this statement still holds some relevance, since according to its logic, even though 50 years later, the reality is that the demographic has changed, the people now born in Palestine/Israel should still be called the people of that land, regardless of their ethnic or religious origins.

And if you want to look at another perspective:
"Everybody is somebody's Jew. And the Palestinians are the Jews of the Israelis" Primo Levi

It helps to look at the wisdom of our elders when the world goes mad.

And well...in the end its the humanitarian situation we should be focusing on as it unfolds before our eyes. So the question should be asked what can we do as individuals through this global network, to influence the events that are happening. Rather than what should Sheik Mo do etc.

Peace be on you too.

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