20 December, 2008

Return of Security Deposit Question..

Dear UAEComm Bloggers

Quick question...... we moved from Dubai to Sharjah about a month ago. Despite several promises we still haven't got our last advance rent cheque and security deposit back from the Dubai landlord. Everything was in order when we left the flat so there are no outstanding issues.

We keep being told it isn't ready and they'll call us when it is etc etc. but of course we are always the ones who call them! Anyway... my question is how long on average should this take? So how much longer before I handcuff myself to the landlord's agent's chair and refuse to leave until I get the cheque!?

Any comments about other's experiences very much appreciated. Thanks.


hemlock said...

NSB: im not sure how real estate people work here, but judging by consumer service and banking standards, it could take anything from 6-8 weeks on the good side.
it's been 8 months since i cancelled a credit card, im still getting monthly statements for it...

Keefieboy said...

Almost one year since my office lease expired at Dubai Media City, I am still waiting for the clowns to return my deposit.

Saravana Kumar Paulraj said...

Assuming this is for a rented flat / villa...

When mu cousin moved from my rental flat in Rigga Road - it took 7-10 days for us to get the deposit back.

It all depends on the landlord and the real estate agents. Since they are the LORDS, or just agents, we are in a situation to shut up and listen. Else, it will be delayed further :P

Simple answer - try to show up with a sorry sympathetic face. Else, see if you can bribe someone there in the office to move your cheque.

Seabee said...

There's no excuse for any delay. Unfortunately in Dubai the only way to get things done is to start shouting at them. Tell them you will be at their office tomorrow to collect your cheque and if it's not ready you will go straight to the rent committee at RERA. And of course do just that if they don't give you the cheque.

The Wizard of D said...

I moved out of my last aprt about 2 years ago. My former real estate guy called me the other day asking me to hand in a fresh security cheque as the old one had gone bad.

All the best to you

Anonymous said...

Shouting works. Also helpes if you are a man on the phone shouting... in Arabic.

Case in point, a classmate of my fiance's is Pakistani, he creditcard was blocked, and for TWELVE days they gave her the run around.

So she is telling me about this, I ask her to call in front of me, then, as they are telling her the same thing, I take the phone and threaten to go down to a branch and report her to some bank manager or another.

3 minutes, the card's was blocked by mistake, we are sorry, it is now unblocked.

Shouting does wonders in the UAE. Trust me.

a former popular blogger said...

It shouldnt take long at all. All this six to 8 weeks..to one year business is nonesense. You have to make a noise or get some wasta (if u r friends with any Locals with a little bit of power) and let him start making a noise...then u'll see how quickly you'll get whats owing to u.

Kyle said...


And did you issue that check or no? You'd better hurry or risk waiting in Q at a Disney ramshackle soup kitchen - LOL

Nature Strikes Back said...

Great... thanks a lot everybody! This is all very useful. Will formulate deposit recovery plan accordingly :)

... may be a bit early but Happy New Year!

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