16 August, 2005

Welcome to UAE community blog

There are lots of reasons for this blog, and here are some:

1. A place for UAE bloggers to meet and discuss general blogging issues

2. A place for new people to publicise their blogs

3. A place for less frequent UAE bloggers to cross-post, so people are reminded that they exist!

4. A place to blog stuff that doesn't fit in with your personal blog content

5. A place for UAE bloggers to come up with something not covered in 1-4

Any bloggers based in the UAE - or the dearly departed - are welcome. If you see this and would like an invitation, just drop an email to my username at gmail. Usual disclaimers apply: abusive content will have to be censored or deleted, let's not forget the superbly nebulous media laws here.


ike said...

So how can we participate? :-)

Dave Banana said...

Good Job, SD. Excellent Idea.

secretdubai said...

ike: email me, and I will send you an invitation (if I haven't already - I couldn't find everyone's emails). Then post away!

desertblog said...

Excellent idea

Dubai Media Observer said...

the real question is, how did you find mine? :)

secretdubai said...

erm... not sure - can't actually tell who you are from that profile name.

(Not every blogger was using Blogspot, so those with blogs elsewhere will have had to sign up under different usernames here).

Anonymous said...

What I have in mind is not quite like this UAE Community blog. Something about google owning everything I write bothers me a bit (not sure about others).

I'm currently in the process of setting up a UAE Planet. Something similar to the Jordan Planet. I will be using the same software used on jordan planet.

Anonymous said...

I have just registered the domain dubaiplanet.net. If there are some artistically inclined folks wanting to help out with a logo, etc. then that would be super appreciated.

When I get a chance, I'll set up an aggregator to grab all the contents from the different blogs (blogspot being the most painful since it uses ATOM and not RSS).

That way, at the very least, it doesn't require for people to go out of their way to post elsewhere -- and provides the exposure most bloggers probably would like to have.


secretdubai said...

Mohamed - how about going for uaeplanet.com - otherwise it kind of cuts out the Dhabi posse and Sharjah squad? Not to mention the Al Ain massive, the Ajman gang and the RAK rebels, etc etc ;)

Anonymous said...

Two reasons for that:

1.uaeplanet.tld and planetuae.tld are all taken.

2. dubai is more than just an emirate. dubai is a brand name.

But, I take it that you are for the idea in principle?

secretdubai said...

Yes - sure. Would it be possible to incorporate that pan-user-ID thing LiveJournal is doing, that enables people to stay logged in across sites? I am sure many people here would like to keep their Blogger names.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think I would rather stick with known usernames for those who would like to use it.

It appears as though I can hardly do much with the current Etisalat super-fast Internet connectivity. I need to be able to perform a whole bunch of magical sysadmin steps (won't bore you with the technical details).. but as it is, I am doing so at 1 character per minute (ssh traffic is not exactly given high priority).

So, when Etisalat gets its act together (for a little bit at least) I will have it all setup and ready to go. Most of the bloggers will pretty much have nothing to do. The system will automatically go out there and fetch the feeds.

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