01 August, 2006

Beep Beep!


Woke said...

I think buying the 'Happy House Massage' is more like 'Go to jail forever'.

MD said...

lolll @ woke ;)

efatima said...

heehh! good one.

BD said...

That's great. Why wait for the Dubai one? I guess we could make our own.

Woke said...

Im trying to put one together...trouble is I am not too familiar with many of the streets to make a classification :D

secretdubai said...

Im trying to put one together...trouble is I am not too familiar with many of the streets to make a classification

To help you out, some Dubai streets:

Street 17
Street 17a
Street 17c
Street 19a
Street 19b
Street 20
Street 11b
Street 9
Street 21
Street 21c

Let me know if you need any more.

Bloglingo said...

Ha ha! I love it. Wanna get one now. :)

Woke said...

Ha ha SD,
You have a point there. I started and ended with Naif Rd.
Now I am going to make a compromise. Take existing areas like Karama, Bur Dubai and combine them with future developments like Old Town and City of Arabia to complete the board.

nzm said...

lol @ SD!

With Dubai, you'd have to change the concept slightly.

Make the whole trip around the board into Sheikh Zayed Road and each of the squares into buildings. Then you don't buy houses or hotels, you buy people to put into the buildings. Then, when other players land on your squares, they have to pay for the visas for all the people that you have in your buildings.

The person who wins proves that he has the most wasta.

Instead of 4 railway stations, you could have 4 roundabouts - trade center, defence, Al Barsha and marina!

nativeinformant said...

or the dubai version could be all malls. I think there are enough to fill the whole board.

Woke said...

Unless Im visiting as the Labour inspector to whom you have to pay a fine for each person in the building without a visa. :D

Al Sinjab said...

thanks guys :)

Great ideas nzm!

Woke - I look forward to seeing the Dubai version you create! Now if only there was a monopoly board for Um Al Qwain!

Grumpy Goat said...

Get Out Of Jail Free is replaced by the Dallas Austin card.

Although immediately after playing the card, the player must retire from the game.

Woke said...

Damn. grumpy goat...I had that card in my monopoly version.


Anonymous said...

lol woke, lookin forward to your version. ;D

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