01 August, 2006

A More Recent Shot of Dubai Marina

The photo (source) shows some of the Marina towers from the vantage point of Dubai Media City. The marina waterway is (out of view) just beyond the tower at center--Marina Heights tower.


Dubai Sunshine said...
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Dubai Sunshine said...

Not sure where you got this from but you should always mention the source...especially if they're coming from someone else's blog...like my blog for example!!


BD said...

Hi Dubai Sunshine,

I didn't add the source because I didn't know where the original came from. Is it yours? The source I've added is where I got if from but that person only refers to it as something he found.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Hey BD
Yes it's mine...Didn't realise this picture was so popular!

blogrosh said...

Thanks BD & Dubai Sunshine - its amazing 6 years ago, the place was a plain desert. The development and growth is just unbelievable.

Every Christmas, when I visit Dubai, I see several new neighborhoods and often seem to be lost in Dubai.

blogrosh said...

Would anyone have more of such pictures of Dubai?

BD said...

The nice thing about this particular picture is that it captures the new city skyline along with the greenery of a park. It is a unique perspective as there is very little open green space in and around the Marina.

I'd be curious to know exactly where the photo was taken from.

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