02 August, 2006

A Greener Dubai

Green Landscaped Housing in Dubai - Uploaded by efatima

Its amazing and worthy of admiration of how much investment the Emirates community makes to turn the desert green. This is the private residental Mirdif area.


nativeinformant said...

Have you ever seen the lawns at University City in Sharjah? Quite impressive, but I feel that money could be put to much better use (like upping some laborer salaries, for example)

efatima said...

No i havent - and yes, i agree. I do also wish when do go green they would instead plant tress that will live in this enviroment and provide shade... rather than just rolling out green grass.

BuJ said...

hmm are u sure this is mirdif?
actually i didn't know there were unbuilt plots of land there as the picture shows.

nice view though.. thnx for sharing :)

anonymous lurker said...

what are the cages for on the right hand side of the photo????

Woke said...

Wait till you see all the golf courses coming up in Dubai. :D

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