02 August, 2006

Monopoly Dubai Edition - Beta release

The Dubai Edition is finally out.

As you can see, the beta version is incomplete and requires your inputs and additions. I am confident we can beat the Ras Al Khaimah edition in terms of gameplay.

Players who opt for Hybrid Moda, beware. You will be transferred to Caterpillar Road in the Sharjah Edition.



Anonymous said...

lol finally!

Anonymous said...

you pwned Etisalat! kekeke ^___^

secretdubai said...

Great one!

MD said...

lollll funky-ass! i was thinking of dallas austin while looking at the 'chance' cards and lo! there u have it. this is complete :P

Tainted Female said...

I want one.

My monopoly boards are shabby and meaningless in comparison.

Al Sinjab said...

I was going to say that the Dubai version will get more gameplay because the RAK version is x-rated (I think one of the players should be an inflatable Leila 3000) but I see you have included Cyclone!

Jin said...


Woke said...

Al sinjab,
Gameplay = involvement and interactivity.

Cyclone offers much more than dolls, dont they?

Al Sinjab said...

From my understanding, Cyclone offers a bit of everything.

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