02 August, 2006

Add the blue ribbon to your blog

I don't know whether this has been posted previously. But have a look here and display the blue ribbon on your blog to promote free speech online.
Maybe we can start a UAE chapter...?


king-of-proxy said...

It will probably only get the EFF site blocked, like their TOR-effort.

MD said...

what's the TOR-effort?

i have seen the blue ribbons on some blogs but a lot of it only seems to state an opinion, than implementing it on the individual's blog.

Samawel said...

I've had the blue ribbon on my blogs for ages. I think a good number of UAE blogs should have that, in protest of the TRA and Etisalat's abuse and censorship of information.

BD said...

MD, I don't really understand your comment. I like it. Have already added it to A Word A Day.

Anonymous said...

BD, I think what MD intends to say is that, is the ribbon merely stating an opinion that the blogger supports free speech?

Most bloggers use self-censorship, so what does a blue ribbon signify? Do they have to toss censorship aside by placing the blue ribbon?

BD said...

Self-censorship is an interesting topic. I suppose part of what can be called self-censorship is the act of showing sensitivity to others sensibilities. That includes being tactful, polite, deferential and what have you. Even in environments where there is no internet censorship, such tactfulness is thoughtful and normal.

There is, however, the more genuine form of censorship that one imposes upon self, by refraining from expressing political, religious or other views which one may fear can get him into trouble. This kind of self-censorship is prudent and unavoidable.

The best one can do in such circumstances is gently push the envelope.

king-of-proxy said...

Explaining what EFF's TOR is may not be a good idea on a site that we don't want to get blocked. Let's just say it has everything to do with how to get around that blocking.

MD said...

thanks anon :)

lol king-of-proxy! i get the picture :)

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