02 August, 2006

Quite Rational-Related Thoughts!

Is it quite rational that I will be 24 in two months?
What if you know that this is when my baby brother will turn 2 months! And my baby sister will be 2 years old ! (btw Mom is still 40 years old+ I have an older brother)

Is it quite rational that one old quite rich lady donated all her money for a shelter?
What if you knew that its for homeless animals! I'm talking about BILLIONS!

Is it quite rational that USA supported Lebanon against Syria?
What if I added that it is supporting Israel against Lebanon now !

Is it quite rational that our maid likes me?
What if you knew that she wrote a song about us = me and her! (This is the second maid that have a crush on me)

Is it quite rational that our girls like to be "style" updated?
What if you knew that I was followed twice (separate incidents) by a girl who was literally running into me and asking were did I get my shoe from! (btw I got that famous shoe from a VERY modest shop in Banniyas!)

Is it quite rational that I can speak English kinda well now?
What if you knew that when I went to sign up in college, a teacher entered the room and said to me: "Hey, What's up?" I looked up and said "The Ceiling?", he laughed and pointed with his finger saying "Hahahaha good one!" (I wasn't kidding I thought that was the answer and that he was fool, but I still say it now as a joke)

I still have plenty weird thoughts of this kind but I want to open a room for your rational suspicious thoughts !

1 comment:

Woke said...

Just one suspicious thought..

Since the girls came running after you to check your shoes, were you wearing those bright red pointed-heels?

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