06 August, 2006

Gulfnews: UAE's urban smog comes from Europe

The article.

The text of the article explains that it is not that the European smog knows to clump over urban areas and leave our rural areas alone. There's more going on, and human activity in the UAE plays a key role.


nzm said...

John - that link doesn't work for me.

John B. Chilton said...

Linked fixed. Thanks, nzm.

trailingspouse said...

I'm glad to see that we are now getting some scientific information about the quality of the UAE's air. For a long time people have been talking about the brown layer that hovers over the city, but it would be nice to know how much of this is sand and how much is pollution, rather than just speculate about it. Either way, I'm sure it's not good for us, but I'd like to know how it compares with other urban areas.

nzm said...

I started a reply to this, but it was so long that I instead decided to post about it on our blog!

trailingspouse - I agree with the need for info on air quality in the UAE, but if all they're going to come up with is that it's Europe's fault, then it's not going to be much use.

Krishna said...

If europe's pollution is effecting UAE, where is UAE's pollution goes to? Down south?

Krishna said...
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