06 August, 2006

Job opportunity for Cat lovers!

Dubai never ceases to amaze in Job Openings.

This ad was seen in Khaleej Times - 2nd August, 2006. No need for previous experience in the field and must love cats. Hmmm - if the pay is right, I might be tempted to send in my CV, after all a Lion is just a big man-eating cat!

But then again I wonder if this job is only for certain nationalities cause the Lion might have its tastes!

And yes if I do get the job - Please do come and see me in the Circus!


Woke said...

Hilarious. Now I know why I should read KT once in a while.

Maybe they are just looking for some free meat for the lion.

And foreign travel?

Balushi said...

how come they dont put any adds for porno movie stars???!!

Doubleletter said...

I would like to apply for the position of the Lion, please.

Seabee said...

It has to be a send-up. Doesn't it??

cheatle said...

You've got to be joking! May not live to enjoy your earnings. Should stick to domestic cats only. A lion is a big cat but it is wild! If you want to adopt a pet go for cats not lions.
www.kittycatjoy.com has information to help

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