06 August, 2006

Gulf News search tip

While both Gulf News and Khaleej Times offer archive searches on their sites, I tend to find it is quicker and more comprehensive to search GulfNews via Google.

You can do this by typing:

site:gulfnews.com [your search terms]
site:gulf-news.com [your search terms]

So to find articles about David Beckham buying a house on The Palm, you would try:

site:gulfnews.com dubai palm beckham
site:gulf-news.com dubai palm beckham

This method also works for Khaleej Times, but their own search is usually better than Google's, so you probably won't need it.


Emirates Mac said...

Thanks for the tip, SD. And remember folks, it works on most any site, whether they have their own search-function or not.

samuraisam said...

an easier (lazier) way i've found is to just type

"gulfnews dubai palm beckham"

the same works with wikipedia (because the front page of their website sucks)

I just use the google toolbar thingy and say, for instance type in

wikipedia dubai


Balushi said...

also u can type in youtube "Secret Bed Balushi" you will get the video of us indulging!

nzm said...

Buj - that would be fine if YouTube wasn't blocked by our lovied Etisalat - protector of our virtue whether we like it or not!

samuraisam said...

nzm: that was infact balushi; seems anumber of people have taken to using hte same avatar as buj /:

BuJ said...

balushi and any other kids.. would you please stop using my display pic and find a picture on your own before I have to do something unpleasant.

nzm said...

Ooops Buj - my apologies!

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