05 August, 2006

A Sea of Troubles

While the Palm Island and whatever other offshore developments may affect the UAE's ecosystem and marine life...
"Ongoing construction work on The Palm, Deira, is threatening an environmental disaster, top Sharjah officials told Gulf News yesterday"

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What about other countries within the Arabian peninsula/Persian gulf; are they affected too?
Some people think so...

"Iran's top environmentalist said here on Saturday that Department of the Environment (DoE) has reacted to the construction by United Arab Emirates of artificial islands in the Persian Gulf.

The English-language newspaper Iran Daily quoted the Head of DoE Fatemeh Vaez-Javadi as saying that the Persian Gulf is a
semi-landlocked sea with a great deal of sensitivities, stressing that the existence of important ecosystems like Herra forests have added to the ecological significance of the sea.

The official further noted that the department has lobbied with international organizations regarding mechanisms to prevent further environmental damage to the Persian Gulf by littoral states in such the way that political tensions are avoided.

She said Iran wants the Persian Gulf littoral states to prevent constructions on the Persian Gulf waters in order to protect the sea's environment.

She further noted that environmental damages to the Persian Gulf will affect all coastal countries, adding, however, that other littoral states have not yet objected to UAE projects in the strategic Persian Gulf waters."
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You can also read more about the national and international impact of these developments here and here


Woke said...

Strangely Nakheel seem to have anticipated such a backlash and their PR department is working overtime to bring out a different story.
Al Jazeera article

Samawel said...

You know, I got a lecture from a Swiss Green party member precisely about the Palm Islands issue. --I'd have to say, I think those artificial islands are a waste of space and sand.

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