01 June, 2008

Dubai bans sale of cigarettes to under 20s

"DUBAI (AFP) — The Gulf emirate of Dubai on Saturday banned the sale of tobacco to anyone under the age of 20 with immediate effect and barred young people from public areas in which smoking is allowed.

The announcement was made in public advertisements in Arabic-language newspapers as part of a "Youth Without Tobacco" campaign.

A spokesman for Dubai municipality told AFP that cigarette vendors and managers of public places such as cafes and restaurants have been instructed to ask clients for proof of identity even to smoke water pipes.

Those breaking the law would be fined, he said without elaborating.

Before Saturday's ban the sale of cigarettes in Dubai was prohibited to anyone under 18 and smokers were not allowed to light up in public places including hotels, restaurants, cafes and offices."

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Dubai Entrepreneur said...

Finally! Now how about implementation of this? One of the things I really liked is the Emarat station (the last one before you get to TECOM from Dubai to Jebel Ali on SZR). They have stopped selling cigarettes for several months now. Why? There are too many schools around the area.

I don't know if this was dictated by a governmental authority or if it was just a decision by Emarat.

It may be a bit of an inconvenience to smokers, but I have yet to see a smoker not nod in agreement when told that it is because there are too many school children coming into the station.

alexander said...

And Sharjah's banned smoking 'under a roof'...

halfmanhalfbeer said...

Does anyone actually understand what the current smoking rules are in Dubai, because I sure don't?

Why, for example, does the Agency in Emirates Towers ban smoking whilst the Agency in the Madinat does not?

Why can you smoke in 'Left Bank' which serves food?

Why can you smoke at the bar in Frankie's and not in the restaurant, where there is no physical separation between the two and the bar area is not on its own aircon/ventilation system?

The list goes on and on....

I await enlightenment with baited breath.


Anonymous said...

When will they ban alcohol ?

Proud Emirati said...

^^ soon

nzm said...

Well - you can always smoke ants

the real nick said...

from the 'National' article ^

“It’s as easy as picking up the ants, crushing them and then sprinkling them like you would do with marijuana over your tobacco. Then you get high,” added Mr Ali....

Thanks Mr. Ali for explaining in detail how to make a spliff.

Can't wait for the next instalment: "How to snort icing sugar."

Anonymous said...

One would need a Listerine chaser for full effect I imagine lol

Proud Emirati said...

Hehe, lovely article nzm

Kyle said...


Can't wait for the next instalment: "How to snort icing sugar."

And if that doesn’t work, polishing off a bottle of moonshine or samogon is not a bad idea either!

Lirun said...

awesome news..

now do it for over twenties.. :)

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