16 June, 2008

IFJ Demands UAE Overturn Ban on Pakistan TV Programs

"The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is extremely concerned that two popular talk programs transmitted to Pakistan from Dubai-based GEO TV have been taken off air at the request of the Government of United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The IFJ calls on the UAE Government to explain why, and on whose authority, it asked the independent Pakistan television broadcaster to cancel the programs.

The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), an affiliate of the IFJ, said the owner of GEO and the Jang group of newspapers, Mir Shakeelur Rehman, confirmed that UAE authorities had asked GEO to discontinue broadcasting Capital Talk, hosted by Islamabad-based Hamid Mir, and Meray Mutabek, hosted by Dubai-based Shahid Masood.

UAE authorities reportedly told GEO management that they did not want anything transmitted from Dubai to disturb UAE’s relationship with friendly countries.

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rosh said...

Hmmmm, unless am reading this all wrong, isn't this a Sovereign Broadcast issue? Why should the UAE or any other country for that matter, have to explain what should or shouldn't be transmitted on sovereign airwaves?

faiq said...

This is all hypocrite world,no matter how we say ourselves part of Civilized world but truth is we all are making fools to everyone...at the one end whole world against dictatorship like Mugabe,Saddam or North korea on the other end we are supporting a brutal dictator of Pakistan MUSH even hitler can be ashamed wat the crimes he did to paki ppl but for the world he is blue-eyed boys coz Bush & co need his services.

Anonymous said...

Ok, from what I can gather from your rant, it's Bush's fault that the UAE govt. slapped a ban on GEO. Feel better after getting that off your chest?

Anonymised said...


Er... it's ok to LOL right..?

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