28 June, 2008

Khan Muran - the newest place in town.

A close copy of an ancient Arabian market has been poured into a 50,000-square-feet hole off Shaikh Rashid Road in Dubai. The underground shopping mall is themed after the legendary Khan Murjan souq in Baghdad of the 1300s and was officially opened last week with a performance about the Queen of Syria, that will continue until 5th of July.

It's open daily 10am-10pm, and until midnight on Thursday and Friday. Usually the restaurant is fully booked and there is a cover charge of 125 Dh.
However, if you are lucky to find place around the bar, a-la-carte menu is available with traditional Arabic food and drinks.
We have had a great time.


Anonymous said...

Khan Murjan is unfortunately a failure in service, but a nice looking place only!

Check this site out:
Khan Murjan

Anonymous said...

Looks like a sausage fest.

Keefieboy said...

Dhs 125 cover charge?!

Kyle said...

Anonymous at 6/28 14:00

Thanks for the cautionary line on service and the link on Khan Murjan.

If only such places upped the ante on service, they'd be a great place to learn about Arab culture & appreciate their hospitality.

Sadly the current trend mostly reinforces sic transit gloria mundi!

Neel the DarkRanger said...

Looks like a great place! Will check it out.

Neel the DarkRanger said...

Not the restaurant tho, but the area around it. Anyone knows if the stores are open for business or do they have the "Coming soon" like Festival City had in the beginning?

i*maginate said...

kyle - hi again, how you doing?

Where dyou learn all this Latin?!

I reckon if a restaurant marketed itself with the slogan 'we have bad service' at least they'd be honest and tips would be received out of appreciation for their honesty ;-) great marketing strategy or what!

Almulhama said...

The management & waiters are sweet, service time is on the farthest end of that spectrum!

We went for lunch on Friday, a couple of us ordered fish (overpriced at 185 Dhs), an hour later I saw the order being placed. and I waited another 10 minutes while the fish cooked. (Everyone else was on desert - even that was just ok)

The ambiance is nice though the oriental 'takht' is at times a bit too loud (the band).

As for the a la carte menu, it is not all available, and when you order, you may have your food served tepid.

It seems ... that it's another "Goodies" the former Wafi Restaurant, when done well the food is good otherwise mediocre would seem to be apt.

This will be yet another place that everyone goes to because it's new and has shisha, besides that... I don't know.

I enjoyed the atmosphere and ambiance and would hope that the very sweet and getnlemanly manager can do something to help this beautifully located restaurant.

The concept of six oriental cuisines is a dream; Morrocan, Egyptian, Gulf, Turkish, Syrian & Levant and Iranian.

Here's wishing them luck

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