18 June, 2008

the secret issue 12

Just a quick reminder for those who don't know about the secret, the little free newsletter I publish, or for those who signed up ages ago but have since changed jobs/emails, do feel free to sign up below. It contains links to interesting articles and blog posts about the UAE, small snippets of gossip and scandal that people send in anonymously, and links to various internet sites that are particularly *useful* to UAE web users. It goes out to around 2,000 people at the moment.

Issue 12 just got sent out but I can resend it to any new subscribers. Feel free to drop me a line if you ever want any back issues.


dxbaingirl said...

Nope.. Not interested! I came across your long dead blog and found you very bias to the extreme!

I wonder how you get to manage to do all that!
Don't you have a family to attend to do? or a life or something better to do than backlash dubai?!

rosh said...

I read your blog often SD. Like with everything it's got the pros and cons. I may not agree with it all, however, I shall hear what you've got to say.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Dxbiangirl: If you aren't interested, why do you bother to comment? Do you, my dear, have nothing else to do?

secretdubai said...

Thanks rosh! Lots of people seem to have signed up after this which is great. And it's completely easy to unsubscribe for those that don't like the newsletter.

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