07 June, 2008

Legal Magic

Legal Magic is a new UAE-based poetry group:

A group aimed at joining together committed poetry writers who are working towards publication in English, Arabic and other languages in the United Arab Emirates. Where poets meet together to offer valuable criticism; to set up poetry readings, performance poetry and other poetry-related events in the UAE; to help poets achieve book publication and to further the goals of poetry and poets in the multicultural setting of the UAE.

To join, or just learn more, visit Legal Magic


Anonymous said...


Been trying to get a poetry circle together for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so many people will bitch about the UAE, and especially Dubai "lacking" art and schools lacking art and blah blah blah but no one ever actually wants to get together and create or help create art. especially not when it comes to poetry.

To the poster, Your group is a facebook page... which means if I dont have facebook (or have a moral objection to facebook, dont ask) Im left out. Why not make it a BLOG?

BTW, that there above blog is MINE. I was posting from a Windoze computer.

Paraglider said...

The idea isn't to keep it on Facebook. The prime mover (who's not me - I'm just helping out) would like it to evolve into a genuine group with readings and other events. This is just a beginning. (I don't like Facebook either!)

Anonymised said...

"no one ever actually wants to get together and create or help create art".

Erm... FYI, there's a number of events, exhibitions, plays, performances, dances, book clubs etc. already happening here... That's called art.

Stop acting like a know-it-all BIT, it's getting tedious now.

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