30 June, 2008

A political debate in Dubai

Powers that be have endorsed an open political debate in Dubai, but some are cautious. The Washington Post has the story.


Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Ugh...how about a debate between their own leaders here? Gotta start somewhere...

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

Silly idea. The world cares about who leads America.. yes.

Not thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat much!

Obama, McCain.. same difference to the world.

Time to learn Mandarin and move on. I don't see the next US President in a position to reverse the decline of the American civilization. It's over.

Live with it.

Anonymous said...

People just love to hate America. Im not American and I dont hate America, but American civili(s)ation wont decline any time soon. Their economy is just too resilient, the more traditional East Asian hive mentality doesnt live up to Americas Darwinian nature.

the real nick said...

For a moment I was getting excited there - political debate in Dubai, as in freedom of speech; Hyde Park corner? Silly me.

After cars, engineering and food stuff now they are even importing politics.

What a stupid marketing gimmick.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

anon @ 30 June, 2008 13:33

I love America. However, it is rather naive to think that America has already passed its peak.

It's not all bad news though. Germany is not a super power, but they still make great cars. America can continue to make iPhones ;)

If you don't see that China is rising to take over America's place, probably in our lifetime, you need to look again.

With that being said, I would much rather identify with Americans than Chinese. At least at my age, I speak English and understand American culture. I can't say either for Chinese. So, for me, the longer it takes for the American decline, the better. However, it is absolutely inevitable.

I was watching Ted Koppel on Jon Stewart the other day. He said something very interesting (let me paraphrase, cause I don't remember it word for word): It is past the point for us to tell China what they can and cannot do.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

I meant, naive to think America has NOT already peaked.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

the real nick,

Heh.. Yes, importing debate is a sad sign of region unable to look itself in the mirror and hold an honest conversation.

Kyle said...

Last line from David Ignatius’ hyperlinked article: Now that would be good political theater.

Total agreement - with the caveat that voters don’t have to give a rat’s a$$ what’s debated in a hokey theater beyond our shores!

Anonymous said...

A silly idea i believe. I mean, its nothing short of another publicity stunt for Dubai. They need to open up for political discussions with in their own borders before they can import a foreign debate. I mean, how can a DEMOCRATIC debate for another country can take place in a country that doesn't believe in democracy ???? I am lost.... :)

Lirun said...

liked the send an ambassador to israel reference..

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

lirun, none of my business, but I think they should have had an embassy in israel a long time ago. It doesn't mean they have to agree with Israeli government policies..

Anonymous said...

It will be decades before China even has a chance of surpassing America.

China is too fragile politically, doesnt have the infrastructure to support its aging population, doesnt have enough higher education capacity which is already extremely competitive to begin with, and even if they were to send them overseas, most families cant afford to. Havent secured enough natural resources to sustain its current growth and with the price of oil constantly rising theyll have even more difficuties.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond amazing. I honestly don't see the point in all of this, or just don't want to. What gives? We don't even believe in democracy, so why should we held such a debut? Way amazing.

And the mention of "Israel" was so surreal -- as in, the UAE doesn't really believe in it, so why should the U.S. bother about having a debut there? Because the U.S. is a firm believer of "Israel", see.

If they're intending on coming here to share those ideas than no, thank you, we don't want them. We'd rather laugh about our islands and ski resorts. Least we need is people lecturing us about "Israel".

Jayne said...

I'm with Nick on this - when I saw the headline 'political debate in Dubai'...........freedom of speech etc etc.

Then I woke up.

Lirun said...


B.D. said...

Come on guys, this is an excellent idea. It is surely a PR stunt, but PR is what turns heads in the world today, and Dubai's greatness derives in large measure from all the PR it has generated over the last several years.

This event, from Dubai's perspective, has nothing to do with politics, it is all about originality. Dubai is very good at running with novel ideas and turning them into something very marketable.

A US presidential debate in Dubai. Wow, great idea! All the US media networks would be here and all the political pundits would be taking jabs at Dubai. It would once again put Dubai on the map, and for all those complaining of the hypocrisy of their being no freedom to debate politically for the citizens and residents of this country, then such an event would help to bring this issue to the forefront.

rosh said...

oh dear lord.....yalla, quick vote for "the dumbest idea of the year"

1. Naming of metro stations
2. US presidential debate in DXB

Christ! whhhhoooo - I mean WHO pulls these out and from where exactly?

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