01 July, 2008

On-line competition for naming the Burj Dubai Lake Fountain

Emaar organises an on-line competition for naming the spectacular fountain being developed in the Burj Dubai Lake in Downtown Burj Dubai.

This competition has been specifically planned as a participatory event for the public.

Emaar invites all citizens and residents of UAE to be part of one of modern Dubai’s proud contribution to the world’s finest aesthetic projects, one that is set to be a global talking point, one that appeals to tourists from far and wide.
A panel of judges from Emaar will choose the winner, who will be rewarded a cash prize of AED 100,000.


DUBAI JAZZ said...

do they accept obscene entries? or do they have to be consistent with ...whatever..?

Keefieboy said...

'Squirty Wet Thing'. Please send 100,000 to my account.

Sorry, I spelled it wrong. It's the 'Mohammed Al Abbar Fountain of Magnificence'.

Editor said...

You welcome, guys. I am merely distributing the news...
But if it happens the 100k comes to your account...count me in for Starbucks late

Kyle said...

Are they for real or just an abstract on a sketch board?

I say 'Downtown Myriad' :)


For that 100K, you're welcome to join us at Al-Muntaha!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Thanks for spreading the word lady Editor, I owe you cafe latte regardless if I win or lose.... anytime :)

Proud Emirati said...

it should have an arabic name ....

Harsha said...

you dont GET the money

you PAY the money to name it after your company

its not a 'guess the station name' game! :p

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