22 July, 2008

Salik news, as reported

"Dubai: New Salik toll gates will be installed on two new locations including Al Maktoum Bridge and the Second Interchange on Shaikh Zayed Road, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Tuesday.

The two new toll gates will be activated from September 9 as part of the second phase of Salik system,” said Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA.

Motorists entering or exiting from Al Safa Road from the Second Interchange on Shaikh Zayed Road will also have to pay the toll. However, they will not be charged again if they use the Al Barsha toll gate as they will be charged once (Dh4) for using both the toll gates.

Al Tayer said the new phase of the Salik project comes after a comprehensive study of the first phase and especially after the opening of the new Al Garhoud Bridge. The study focused on the traffic jams at some major roads in Dubai and the alternatives that can resolve this issue.

The study also highlighted the success of the first phase of Salik which was launched in July 2007, in reducing traffic at toll areas by 25 per cent, lowering the duration of the journey on Shaikh Zayed road by 50 per cent and increasing the average speed from 40 to 80 km/hour.

The study showed high traffic load on Al Maktoum Bridge which caused traffic congestions at some internal roads in Deira. It also pointed to congestions at Al Barsha and Al Sofouh due to the traffic load caused by motorists crowding to avoid passing the Al Barsha toll gate.

The study concluded on the high necessity to launch a new phase of Salik on the congested roads and the need to redistribute traffic on major roads and creek crossings especially after launching the new Garhoud Bridge.

He also mentioned that some motorists avoid crossing under Al Barsha gate by using internal roads that caused congestions at Al Barsha and Al Sofouh and caused disturbance to residents in the area.

The only solution to resolve this issue is by installing new toll gate after Al Safa Bridge on Shaikh Zayed Road."


Any comments?


Proud Emirati said...


Dubai Entrepreneur said...

How dare those motorists attempt to avoid the toll gate and take internal roads. Everyone should use SZR at all times!

The average speed on SZR was 40km and now it's 80km? If I have learned anything from my stay in the UAE, it is this: Nobody ever gives accurate figures or statistics. They are all lies.

Let's see what new toll gates will do.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Salik was discussed thoroughly in this blog and other ones. What else is new? It’s going to be tougher to dodge the gates now. RTA is going to double its revenues. Al Safa park jogging track will be deserted for couple of weeks before people start to capitulate to the new realities. It’s interesting to note that the 9th of September will coincide with the month of Ramadan, when things are bit sluggish anyway.

Are you guys not tired of discussing this sh*t?

Anonymous said...

If motorists dodging Salik are forced to return to SZR, wouldnt it make SZR more congested than what it is now ?

Whats the point of Salik then ?

Its just to ensure maximum number of drivers having to pay. The goal of Salik was never to reduce congestion, its just to maximize revenue....

alexander... said...

This seems to be a pretty direct lift of this Gulf News story.

I enjoyed this one more, personally!

Seabee said...

Alexander, that one was a classic wasn't it. He just stopped in the middle of the road - then what was his plan? Just sit there? Reverse for kilometres? Abandon the car? Allow his car to be destroyed by others smashing into it so that he'd be towed under the Salik gate?

i*maginate said...

dubai_entrepreneur - "Let's see what new toll gates will do."

...I have a money-making idea: additional revenue by branding the gates...I am sure there must be umpteen property companies out there who'd jump at the opportunity. A slogan such as "Bringing you closer to home" or something genius like that (a bit like Salik, I suppose)


(Any RE company that now copies this slogan owes me a BIG %!!!!)

dubai_jazz.....obviously I'm aware Salik is one of those dinner party topics that should be avoided...I cut and paste this because I was looking up Salik news after I saw the Safa gate spring up overnight, and just wanted to share the news...there might be people who are not aware of the recent updates. I'm sure you'd agree there is some brilliant wit in the article too.

i*maginate said...

Seriously, if anyone from the RTA is reading this, please stop putting all these tollgates up. Not only are they an eyesore, but traffic flow was much better PRE-SALIK.

Just charge EVERY car road tax, for heaven's sake! That way you'll make MORE cash! (and that is basic mathematics!)

AND...........make special BUS lanes for trucks, buses, taxis............

Anonymous said...

AND...........make special BUS lanes for trucks, buses, taxis............

And locals, please.

rosh said...

This new policy should be called -"corner & conquer"! For the sake of white camels (and camels across the GCC), come clean and introduce a tax system. We understand, we need to pay for the infrastructure.

Kyle said...

Hey i*maginate, it's been a long time no hear from you here at the Community Blog. And now that you're back, we're back on air with morbid posts about toll gates amongst all this sticky side stick em' up weather crap.

Ah, come on, at least you could have entertained us not so lucky dudes with your imaginative imagination that're waiting to get on a plane for some RnR, away from all this madness!

How you been?

i*maginate said...

LOL Hey kyle, how have you been?

I am really bored with boring stuff here on the online horizon - without going into too much detail. I still keep up with blogs I like :)

Salik is just something I came back to.

The Burj Dubai is getting taller.

Inflation, metro, construction...wow. What interesting topics.


Then there's the shagathon @ the beach, and the trannies. News indeed.

R&R: something we can definitely get accustomed to.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

I*maginate, ofcourse I am not blaming you for bringing up this topic. It's just that I am frustrated by the futility of discussing it. The gates are going ahead willy-nilly. But you are right, rta press releases are always full of brilliant wit :)

Hatem said...

Guys, on Salik website, in the FAQ page, there is this Q&A:

When will the new tariff be applied?
The new tariff will officially be applied by September 9, 2008.

Anyone knows what is this new TARIFF??

Kyle said...


I'm good. Thanks for asking.

You're bored with boring stuff here

Which is why came to life gonzo journalism to alleviate the boredom we face in our

You hear that Hunter & Mark? I'm endorsing your genius, you guys!

You say Salik - Burj Dubai - Inflation - Metro - Construction

I say boring as hell just because these don't sell!

Now the beach thing, that is definitely an added new generation attractive trend
for it puts Dubai on the map for all things extraordinaire au contraire!

i*maginate said...

*dubai_jazz - gotcha. OK. Yes. Frustrated too. Thank goodness for witty articles :P

*Hatem - LOL. Emm... There is a # u could call ;-)

*kyle..Ahlain ;-)

"these don't sell!" --- Oh... they do, cheri... they do. Everything's sold out off-plan. Amazing (in many ways ;-) )

"extraordinaire au contraire!" - toujours, mon ami..toujours. Dommage.

Anonymous said...

I don't really get it guys.. what's wrong with paying road taxes; ie Salik ?

And why shouldn't you pay taxes ? You don't complain about it while living in UK or in the States where you have to pay taxes almost on everything that has to do with your daily living.

Why should it be 'Haram' in your dictionary when it comes to Dubai ?

Anonymous said...

because they prefer to waste it on a 6-pack and die in a car accident...

Actually, a stupid little city like here, the size of an a-hole that's not even worth dying for should install the gates between emirates not highways and brdiges that are always full of cars bumper to bumper and still is as I speak.

How stupid could these people be ? What they achieved is making millions in few months, but still can't figure out the problem and the extra 100 RTA taxi drivers that act like dipshits.

bb said...

You know that new construction, Burj something and the brand new oldtown/Dubai Mall, Well it happens that there is only two way to enter it if you're past the 1st interchange and it is just a few meters after that stupid gate.

I guess it might change when the mall opens and the reorganization mess at the 1st interchange is over but I can't help wondering if they are not more into capturing the traffic for soon-to-be Dubai Mall than giving a crap about traffic congestion.

To the RAT at the RTA in charge of planning here is my solution:

- WAY MORE BUS particularly between Dubai center and your new desert dwelling such as international city and other crap.
- ADD MORE CROSSING FOR SHZ for fuck sake one every 3k is clearly not enough for the traffic and most people going through trade center and 1st don't even want to be there, just to go on the other side.
That instead of the monstrosity you are putting up at the 1st. Wtf is it? Looks like a giant amusement park ride.

That way when it will take 20 minutes by bus instead of 2 and half hours by car to go from sharjah to dxb I can assure you that lot of people will gladly abandon their car for their daily grinding (commute?)

Use the 4 dirham to implement that and I'd gladly pass that stupid gate 5 time a day to just to sponsor it.

Blah, I'm ranting and they will never read nor would they understand if they did. useless.

The subject is now officially closed there is nothing more to say.

Anonymous said...

78.87% of all statistics are made up on the spot

Anonymous said...

Just like yours anon at 21:13 ( July 26th ); fake statistics !

Don't you really get it ? congestion in Dubai is caused by Sharjah and other emirates drivers ( Ajman and above) living there and working in Dubai. Maybe they should have 'dedicated buses' instead; and please make sure the ACs would work in those buses otherwise we'll end-up in mass heat-exhaustion cases which means the congestion will be re-directed to Dubai hospitals instead !

Again, what's wrong with those gates ? It's a very smart idea in fact; like it or not.

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