31 July, 2008

TRA to unblock 1000 websites

According to The National...

"Internet users will soon be able to access more than 1,000 websites that UAE censors had deemed offensive, according to officials from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

The TRA will instruct web service providers to unblock the sites as part of its new “internet access management” policy, which was introduced today.

The new policy will require the Government-controlled internet provider duopoly of Etisalat and du to unblock the sites before Aug 29. It would also formalise the UAE’s internet censorship standards and dictate a clear framework to internet service providers concerning which sites should be restricted, the TRA announced."
(The National: Censors unblock 1,000 websites)

Some additional information has been provided by zawya...

"Such sites as: criminal sites that provide specific instructions or methods of encouraging individuals to commit unlawful acts or criminals, phishing sites which aim to deceive users in order to obtain personal data such as user name and password for credit cards, or include harmful codes and information on special piracy programs, and websites which promote for illegal drugs, pornography, gambling, as well as websites which include materials that reflect the hatred of divine religions and prophets in general, and sites that promote ideas of terrorism or supporting terrorism.


In this respect, H.E Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, TRATRA Board Member and Director General, said: "We have always considered the interests and benefits of consumers throughout the formulation of this policy, which laws are directed to protect Internet users, because we believe in the role of the Internet as a primary mean of acquiring knowledge".

Mr. Al Ghanim concluded: "Given the fact of the commercial, economic and media work environment of many governmental bodies and institutions in the country, the TRATRA has implemented some exceptions on blocking access to certain websites, which contents may be commensurate with the nature of their work, where they might be in dire need to know vital information via the Internet that is at the core of their work. We don’t want the blocking system to have a negative impact on their work and activity".
(more here: Zawya: TRA issues regulation policy on ''Internet Access Management"

Still no word on whether people will be allowed to share playlists of their music (www.last.fm), micro-blog (www.twitter.com) or upload and view photographs (www.flickr.com)... Most likely not.


Curious said...

I wonder if they will fully unblock LJ.com

Settling in Dubai said...

That's good news!

Er.. Sorry to hijack your post Sam, but I have a query, and dunno where else to ask.

Does anyone know where I can get some giant pictures framed in Dubai? Many thanks in advance.

Rose in Dubai said...

Re pictures - try Art House on Al Wasl Road. We've used them for years and they've always done a great job and not expensive.

secretdubai said...

I wonder if I'll get unblocked?!

Thank god for VPNs either way ;)

Lirun said...

yalla - mabruk
sd - inshalla

bb said...

RTA, TRA.. always about jamming transports.. :)

Another useless move, we all know that if Secret Dubai can still write his/her blog the other terrorists, gamblers, pron addicts and infidels can still get their fix through various open proxies and VPN.

Settling in dubai: go to Satwa next to iranian hospital, plenty of shop there to do whatever you want including carpeting, framing, curtains etc.. Enjoy while it's still there. :)

Kyle said...

Good PR by TRA ;)

Anonymous said...

Why 1000 ? What is the significance of that particular number - Did they do a count and find that out of the x sites they have blocked, x-1000 are actually bad, the rest are ok ? Or is it like an amnesty or something, where it is decreed that 1000 websites shall be now be released from our censorship prison ? Why does every event / non-event here have to have such heavy PR spin. The Great TRA 1000 Unblock !! Should we celebrate and rejoice and all love the TRA now ?

Proud Emirati said...


Anonymous said...


Careful with your yawns.. u may dislocate ur jaw.

Keep Smiling not yawning!


hemlock said...

prayer to TRA

dear TRA, please unblock flickr... please please please... ive been a good resident all year now!


Anonymous said...

lolz FR ;-)

Al-Maawali said...

They must have sensed that I am coming to live in Dubai soon so they unblocked them all :p

This is great news, guys..

BTW, I didn't know that Secret Dubai is unblocked in Dubai... it is perfectly accessible here in Muscat. Let's hope it gets unblocked before I come over :D

Settling in dubai said...

Thanks rose, much appreciate!

Proud Emirati said...

for the ones asking for flickr, there is a plugin within firefox. If u downloaded u wouldnt need anything to access it !

BuJ said...

down with the proxy!
the only websites that should be blocked are boring sites.

alex7xl said...

You can use vpn service to unblock any site and surf safely.

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