07 July, 2008

Iran: death for blogging

Via Aqoul, a chilling report from Iran on moves to toughen punishment for "harming mental security" which could see bloggers condemned to death:

The text lists a wide range of crimes such rape and armed robbery for which the death penalty is already applicable. The crime of apostasy (the act of leaving a religion, in this case Islam) is also already punishable by death.

However, the draft bill also includes "establishing weblogs and sites promoting corruption, prostitution and apostasy", which is a new addition to crimes punishable by death.

Those convicted of these crimes "should be punished as 'mohareb' (enemy of God) and 'corrupt on the earth'," the text says.

Quite apart from the ludicrousness of the death penalty as an appropriate punishment for political dissent or religious debate or even dissent, would anyone trust corrupt officials not to abuse this law? As soon as a blogger/citizen journalists criticises them or exposes their corruption, how easy to falsely accuse them of being an "enemy of God" or harming public order and get them killed and out of the way forever.

As Iran escalates backwards to the stone age, our thoughts and wishes for safety go to all Iranian bloggers.


Anonymous said...

So having an opinion and sharing it with the masses is an crime punishable by death? No I can't digest this...

Anyway, here's something interesting for all..


Kyle said...

This comes as no surprise to me especially when rumors are abundant of an imminent conflict with Iran.

Call it tightening of screws by Ahmadinejad and his henchmen for their own benefit/safety rather than their citizens.

Just when this cat and mouse game unfolds remains to be seen. Meanwhile, the average citizen is being served or rather shoved with a direct ultimatum citing ‘you have no rights here’!

So, welcome to the jungle and enjoy the mad hatter roller coaster ride!

Stained said...

I wouldn't want non-believers coming to my doorstep talking about their religion, trying to put evil thoughts in the mind of the young....no thank you!!!
So I don't see how promotion of apostasy is not a crime...

Though I agree that this law might be manipulated but we are not new to that concept. Every law is manipulated....in every country...

thoughts and wishes for safety to the Bloggers...what about the rest of the millions who are at risk of being terminated by those wonderful bombs that Bush seems to want to drop on Iran....

Anonymous said...


Most punishments are Blocking Weblogs or Websites,

You can ask this case from any Iranian,who live in Iran.

I'm Also living in Tehran

fellow atheist said...


Equally, I would rather not hear the 'athan' 5 times a day.. or have muslims lecture me about virtues and how I should live my life. Nobody wants people to force them onto anything.

However, posting about my opinion on religion and politics is by no means 'corruption'.

This is a pointless discussion though, isn't it?

anon @ 9:51:

No one is saying people are being executed today.. the post here is that the law has the potential of having this kind of implementation.

Anonymous said...

Its not a law yet. Its a draft.

Hatem said...

USA, UK, and Israel: how many innocents were assassinated worldwide, in the last decade, because of their regimes?
Iran, and whatever "Islamic" country you like to name it in this region: same question!

I wish we can have fair statistics to answer these two questions. And then we will be able to comment on an Iranian new law.

Stained said...

@Fellow atheist....an 'Athan' is a call to Muslims for prayers...It's different from people preaching and misleading the believers.....

If you're talking about how the laws of a country/people affect your life...next time choose which country you settle in accordingly....

Anonymous said...

Professor Hatem El Tai, thanks for the refresher course in history. In today’s age, I agree people should read more (like you) about history especially about people that have blood on their hands. Few examples come to mind:

Munich – Ailul Al-Aswad run by that Salameh moron
Bashir Gemayel – Hezbollah/Iran
Rafik Hariri – Hezbollah/Syria
Ron Arad – Hezbollah/Syria/Iran
Hundreds of thousands (or was it millions) of Shia & Kurdish innocents that were gassed and massacred by SadAM

There are more but I need a stiff infidel’s spirit.

I’ll be back.

Rowdy schoolboy said...

Fight! Fight!

Er.. it's a fight right?

Anonymous said...


We don't need to review history now, we just need to open our eyes to see what happend in Iraq by US forces and Black Waters, Afghanestan by US and UK,Vietnam by US, and Especially in Gazze by Israil,and also whole of Palestin and Lebenan.

every they many poor people and child killed by them,

compare by yourself, who is EVIL?
people which they want live in their home or want freedom, or people which they want to occupy thier home and grab their resources and extend their home.

Cost Benefit Analyser said...


"I wouldn't want non-believers coming to my doorstep talking about their religion, trying to put evil thoughts in the mind of the young...."

You don't seem very confident now, do you, of your own influence on your youth..

Hmmmmm. I believe you're a prime candidate for life-time residency in Iran. Anyone to second me on that?

Cost Benefit Analyser said...

Er.. is that life-time or life-long? I think it's the 2nd one actually.

Language Expert said...

Anonymous 10.47, July 9, pls speak German or Hakkah, your English leaves much room for improvement.

OR, quit trying to sound non-Brit.

Anonymous said...

Language Expert,

You are right, My English Is not perfect, I'm not native British or any English language country Residence,

any way be honest with yourself,
who is Evil?

rosh said...

The worst part - god forbid, should there be another "pre-emptive" f**k up, it shall be these very innocent souls (whose rights are being threatened) that could end up losing their homes and lives.

Harsha said...

"I wouldn't want non-believers coming to my doorstep talking about their religion, trying to put evil thoughts in the mind of the young....no thank you!!!"

Stained, I am SHOCKED by your comments

secretdubai said...

"I wouldn't want non-believers coming to my doorstep talking about their religion"

Non believers don't have a religion, so what religion exactly would they be preaching?

Hatem said...

Death penalty for “being Afghan”.
God bless America!

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