05 July, 2008

Backwards, Backwards

Let's just go back to the days of the Salem witch trials... or cross the border into KSA or Iran.

Judges Debate Deportation Order...

In short, some of the powers that be would like to deport expatriates for showing the middle finger. Perspective please!!


IYM said...

Hahahaha... honestly, this is very funny..

Now, I can understand flashing the middle finger part of it.. I'll slap my kids if they do so.. but hey come on why should hugging 'in public' be considered a crime ?

Now I understand why my uncle acted like he doesn't know me when I bumped into him at one of the malls ! He usually hugs me; that's our hand-shaking..

It's really sad when people cannot tell the difference between sexual and non-sexual gestures.. really sad and pathetic !

IYM said...

I just remembered this..

One of my friends here in Canada, who wears Hijab, got into a 'road' fight with a Canadian driver.. call it mis-communication somehow just to cut the story short.. so, the Canadian driver flashes a middel finger to my friend ( it looks like it's a universal language); so she opens her car roof and starts flashing fingers not only with one hand but with two hands.. her uncle who also happens to be at the passenger seat; rolls down the window and flashes fingers as well ( with two hands) in a rythmic motion.. and then the two cars starting racing each other; roofs open.. fingers out.. police got involved after this.. anyway, it was so funny when she was describing what happened to me.. and yes she's a doctor as well ; and her uncle is a very well-known TV director..

But I'm sure she won't be deported from Canada.. she still has to finish her training here.. ;)

DUBAI JAZZ said...

I like this new law, I never flash the middle finger at anybody, I go straight for the suckerpunch.

Anonymous said...

It is a harsh punishment.
But the problem is people don't respond to gentle reminders, nor to warnings, they just throw it in your face.

I am fed up of seeing the middle finger, hearing the F word, and the groping.

IYM, you are talking about your uncle, but what the law is talking about is those who start with a hug then the hands start groping, slipping in the underwear..etc etc.. Believe me it becomes sexual and that is where these laws are coming from.

B.D you look like you've had it with our laws, I suggest you find a better heaven where laws are music to your ears.

B.D. said...

I.e. If I don't like it, leave. Got it. You're so sweet. Now that's music to my ears.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to interrupt. My wife has been offered a job in Abu Dhabi. Hugging is punishable by deportation?? If I am walking down the street with my arm around my wife's shoulder or waist, am I gonna be deported? Is that the way it works?
Somebody complains about being tired of the groping? Is that what happens to women there? the get groped?


Anonymous said...

exactly b.d, you only have negative things to say about the region, why would a sane old man would stay in such a "backward" country? explain?

Anonymous said...

let me explain, usually it invovles caucasians,they start hugging, next is kissing, then is groping the behind, then slipping the hand in the underwear and moving it there..how about that...does that explain...

Do hug your wife, as muh as you want a home and maybe once more in public...but please don't put on a show or a porno live..

hope that explains..

and yeah caucasian do that to their women...their women feel it is a sign of publicly announcing their love and matinghood capabilities i think

dxbianGirl said...

please don't believe everything you read.
True perhaps this is a law, but how could they PROVE THAT YOU DID IT?

and about people hugging, kissing, and making out in PUBLIC? SADLY they are NEVER PUNISHED! and they get away with it easily.

This article is simply PUFFED and SO over the top!

Anonymous said...

OK thanks for the explanation - I will hug my wife:)
I think it insulting to read "caucasians do that to their women" as much as it is funny. Racism doesn't necessarily always come from white people and your generalization proves it.
I respect my wife and would never place my hands under her underwear in public (nor would she allow me to) I think that would show no class and no morals. I don't see anything wrong with kissing in public though. Is that forbidden in UAE? That to me would be a show of love or happiness not a sexual thing.

rosh said...

OMG! Please tell me this is a joke? People could get "deported" for ever just 'cause they had a "visual" finger fight???

Here's a confession - friends (both emis/expats) and I have flashed fingers (mostly at horribly annoying drivers) so many times whilst in the UAE. Guess now, we've got to come up with something new...hmmmm perhaps shove my foot out the window.. hmmm…yeah kinda effective eh?


That said, it’s really nice to read judges debating this law. Like with all places, with changing times, laws get revamped every once in a while – so it’s a relief to read the arguments made to have this one removed/reconsidered.

btw, am all for throwing those gropers behind bars - perhaps they’d love all the groping coming their way in prison! retards.

2020hindsight said...

I've no problem with the principle - it's their country, they can pass what laws they want.

But I just wish they'd concentrate on getting the ones they've already got sorted out. I dislike "the finger" - but to me it just demeans the owner of said finger.

I'd prefer to put up with the finger and have the murderous idiots who claim to be drivers sorted out.

Proud Emirati said...

Anonymous @ 06 July, 2008 02:21. Hugging ur wife a normal hug would be fine, creating a scene is not.

Well said Anonymous @ 06 July, 2008 01:46

Proud Emirati said...

Kissing on the mouth is a no no !!

rosh said...

....to clarify "so many times" should read "a few times".

Often sitting thru that torture traffic, cutting in, flashing and being bullied off the highway - you can ignore it all and perhaps cuss under your breath for a while, after which the finger sorta just "shows up".

Kyle said...


Good to have you back, and posting. It’s been a while, unless you were lurking within the shadows.

Anyways – the finger!

Maybe they are just creating this deportation law to discourage usage of, what’s that again? Ah, the finger!

Maybe, it’s not a bad idea after all – the deportation hype, that is!

It’s like this, get to the root before the vermin spreads its tentacles!

Hypothetically speaking, I don’t intend to audition for this song & dance gig with the finger(s).

A slugger’s more like it ;)

Bridget Jones said...

Seriously?? People flash the middle finger so much here? I've never seen that happen. Seriously.

I must be living in a bubble ha!

IYM said...

Rosh.. you can use your middle toe instead ;) Just kidding.. I can't just believe you flashed fingers; I just can't picture you doing it !

Anon, I'm Emarati as well, and I do care about our morals and values and all.. but hey come on; it's not worth deportation.. this is just too much..what if it's an expat born and lived in UAE all his life, where would you deport him to ? to the lala land ? let's just be reasonable here.. I would just send finger-flashers to 'anger management classes'.. that's all they need..

And those public-pornos; I'll just make them pay 'x' number of Dirhams; I'm sure it will limit butt exposures ! No ?

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

The problem with all this is that it is simply a law you cannot enforce. People give the middle finger all day everyday. On a rare occasion, I do it as well. This law is not going to stop me and you can take that to the bank.

The same goes for public displays of affection. While I understand the 'common sense' aspect of it, it still is almost impossible to legislate without placing a blanket on all things common and then leaving the rest to someone's personal judgement. The problem with personal judgements is just that. They are personal.

It is kind of sad actually.. but oh well.

CG said...

I, personally, see way too much in terms of 'kissing' and 'hugging' here in Dubai. It always seems a little OTT. The most I have seen from Nationals is hands/arms looped together. Otherwise, I gotta say all the smooching going on is from the caucasions and flip-flops (we all know who they are, don't we).
b.d.: I have mostly enjoyed your informative writings, but sometimes I do feel like you are whining...why can't you just love Dubai for what it is? I am not jumping on the 'leave then' band wagon, although I am tempted to ask why you stay?

Sheikha M. said...

OK, hey I don't like Dubai and can't comment on it, but I love AD!

When I come across my local and expat friends here, both male and female in public, we do the cheek kissing thing. I have never felt uncomfortable and so it would appear, neither do my local and expat friends.

However, I would never kiss them on the lips or grope them, not would I allow this to be done to me.

I do think the finger flashing get deported thing is a bit harsh, a stiff fine would be something to get most people thinking. I have this discussion a lot here. In California, where I am from, if they catch you littering, you pay a $1,000 fine. There are all sorts of ways they compel you to pay the fine. As a result, you don't see people dump things from their cars like you do here.

Impose a fine and ENFORCE it for things like finger flashing. If it hits you where it hurts like your wallet, you tend to pay attention. Just MHO

Anonymous said...

I heard on the grapevine that a girl working at a dubai magazine publisher was caught having SEX on the beach this weekend. she then proceeded to assult the policeman who was called to attend the matter. apparently there were many witnesses. she's been told that prison is a definite, i wonder if deportation is also now?

Anonymous said...

...i also agree with the sentiments that the police should focus on more important issues, such as boys being taken into the desert and raped, women being battered by husbands. how in a community where this occurs can giving the middle finger be a crime warranting deportation??

Answers below please....

Anonymous said...

Here's my middle finger to the deportation law


Anonymous said...

someone flashed a finger at me the other day but it wasn't the middle one. he just kinda pointed his index finger towards the heavens and his thumb north-west. so is he up for deportation or what ? i've still got the plate number !

B.D. said...

b.d.: I have mostly enjoyed your informative writings, but sometimes I do feel like you are whining...why can't you just love Dubai for what it is?

Actually this deporting of finger flashers isn't Dubai yet. According to the article this possible edict is only being discussed. It is precisely because I love Dubai the way it presently is that I am whining about this. The last thing Dubai needs is to start going draconian--which by the way I'm quite sure it won't.

Don't get me wrong, I love Dubai for what it is. I even love the traffic. It's alive, it's vibrant... that's exciting.

Anonymous said...

Can we come up with an expat gesture equivalent to a middle finger in meaning?

I suggest a thumbs up to be an equivalent. So, if you ever see me driving around SZR and get cut off.. watch out for my thumbs up! You will know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Anon 06 July, 2008 14:54,

I understand that a girl having sex on the beach is horribly sleazy and immoral to say the least, but where is your mention of her sex partner? She wasn’t doing it alone was she? Or is he going to get away with it?

Some people are still subconsciously sexist even when it comes to public sex.

Anonymous said...

I think that a thumb could be confused being as single obscene finger.

the "shocker" might be better as it's 3 fingers up rather than one.

Hold down your ring finger with your thumb so that your pinky and index and middle finger are all extended.

ll l

Proud Emirati said...

Bridget Jones, yea, I never see that either, except in school long time ago !!

lol @ CG

CG said...

BD, I know of someone who was deported in 1990 for pointing his middle finger at another driver. I am 100% sure of this fact. So don't start about draconian practises etc.....there are plenty of things you would hate if you knew they existed.
I am sure you do love Dubai the way it is. If you like the traffic so much, I am sure we can arrange a better viewing for you....hehe

proud emirati, OYE, who are you laughing at? grrrr

rosh said...

lol IYM :)
Personally honking, beaming "stadium lights" at you and cutting you off, is even more offensive. Anyway it was about 8 or 10 yrs ago - not proud about it...more of a stress reliever.

IYM said...

OK Rosh.. deal.. show me those stadium lights in NYC if you can.. but do it in front of Sacks Fifth Avenue please so I can see where it's located ;)

Don't forget your CC as well :P

Will let you know when I'm visiting.. LOL

Confused said...

Oh this is good... get deported for hugging. What if it's a comfort hug? you know when someone's upset.... strange that they don't deport for yelling and the like. So, does this mean that they don't want to see any of the positive feelings, but are okay with the negative

Mme Cyn said...

Did no one else notice from the article that it's illegal to offend the "privacy, honor, or dignity" of people here? So what, now I can't chew out my students for cheating any more because it might make them look undignified???

Achmed said...

So if I get a ticket for not parking right, i can claim that the police have offended my honor?

Ali said...

Hahaha IYM that reminds me of that FLight of the Conchords episode!




IYM said...

Hahaha Ali.. thanks for sharing..
BTW, your profile is scaring me ;)

Haggis said...

They keep making up all the laws and rules without enforcing the ones in existence. Anyone remember the "no mobile phones whilst driving" rule? I still see every 2nd driver's ear stuck to their cell phone. What's worse, a lot of the truck drivers do it too. Majority of laws here are a joke because people get away with breaking them.

Ali said...

hehe IYM its just a gab at Dimmu Borgir, which go to extreme measure to sound hardcore and "scary" while I find it funny sometimes :\

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