07 July, 2008

The New Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center location

The new location for ADWC is now open and will be "officially" open to the public sometime around the end of the year. Here is a Gulf News video about the center.

You can also check out their  website for more info and I have posted additional photos and info on my site. This photo is of Johnny, a sand gazelle who was only hours old when he was rescued and he is now 6 months old. Photo is by Janet Hunt. 


Anonymous said...

What I would like to see is a conservation plot for Arabs. Janet took a picture of Johnny the sand gazelle? Wow.

IYM said...

Oh great.. I'm totally in love with wild life ! Tigers.. give me a small one as my birthday gift please..

I've been on a trip to 'Seer bani Yaas' island in Abu-Dhabi where it's the habitat of more than 1000 Gazals in addition to other species.. amazing and breath taking I would say.. I wish I could re-live the experience again ! The most amazing thing about it is the direct contact with those cute animals..no fenses.. no boundaries.. mother nature as it is..

For sure I also miss the military plane that gave us a ride to that island.. that's when I fell in love with sky-diving as well ;)

Bambinette said...

Is Bambi up for adoption?

Sheikha M. said...

no, the animals stay at the center. The word they are trying to put out there is that these animals are NOT pets, as many high net people et them as pets, then don't take care of them.

Last year, 2 very young lion cubs came in, they looked like skeletons with hide stretched over them. The female was very aggressive when being bottle fed, so the help just stopped feeding them. Fortunately the owner was "convinced" to give them up to ADWC and now they are doing great and are almost a year old.

It really is a great place to visit, especially when the weather is good, as then the cats are active during the day time.

Anonymous said...

i would like to know where they are in abu dhabi, and possibly their e-mail, please and thank you

Anonymous said...

Please give me the location of the centre,am interested in visiting it.

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