10 July, 2008

Saudis pimp their rides

I love this - the hydraulic bit is just amazing:

Video link


Dubai Entrepreneur said...

I'm just not that impressed. I'm not into 'pimping' things out.. but I do find it entertaining to watch someone else do it.

But I'm not impressed by the ones they showed. I've seen Saudi's who REALLY pimp their rides. This is nothing.

Sheikha M. said...

I think it's great, it shows imagination, from a place where one would not think such things exist.

I'm from LA and believe me, they KNOW how to pimp their rides.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Wow! crappy cars made into worthless pieces of shit by stupid people.

Hydraulics? an M3 front... no matter what you do with it dude, its still a riced out CIVIC.

God, even the supra was desecrated. a DECENT tuner would have that car pushing 800 hp. but no! he has... hydraulics and boom boxes

I now have a new found belief in natural selection... and that it skipped the KSA this generation.

secretdubai said...

I'm pretty impressed by what this guy has done to his car. It is inventive and creative and shows he must have some good skills.

It's far more impressive than all those other videos you see where they just drag race.

Saudis are so limited in what they can enjoy compared to the rest of us, we should cut this guy some slack. At least he's been working on electronics and engineering.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

It is inventive and creative and shows he must have some good skills.

Yes, thats why EVERY 1/2 assed illegal mexican in AZ had the SAME EXACT MODS on their car. very one of a kind.

Clueless said...

what does 'pimp their rides' mean please?

BuJ said...

pimp their ride means to modify your car to make it faster or look more appealing.

a pimp is someone that markets flesh, etc... so you probably get the picture

Clueless said...

Ahhhhh!!! I thought it meant having sex in your car!!

Thanks BuJ for saving me from a possible er... social impair ;)

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

PIMP is to make a car "pretty" add "bling bling" pointles hydrolics, a huge ass sound system that you'll never need. 5678 TV monitors in the car...

To TUNE a car is to modify its angine and forced induction parts to achive the greatest wHP and ET on a 1/4 mile.

Tune because you are actually tuning your car's computer to allow it to compensate for the added fuel/air/ and compression.

Pimp because you have more money than brains and seem to have a need to throw money away.

Virginise© my car said...

BIT, you seem a bit of an expert on cars. Tell me, I've got a nasty scratch on my car (like a nail has been scratched on it). What's the fastest, cheapest way to mask it/ fix it?

As we're on the topic of cars, here's something else, there's water dripping from the bottom of my car. Is it caused by the AC?? It never happened before, is the car going to die on me in the middle of the road (aargh!) or is the dripping caused by AC (i notice the pool when the car is parked though) or.. wot..?

Thanks in advance for your valued insights BIT!

Ze Linguist said...

To TUNE a car is to modify its angine


A Blessing in Tragedy said...

I type fast, on a very small keyboard (wireless apple) sorry for the typos.

No, Not an expert on cars... I just like making slow cars fast. Its my hobby.

The water is normal, it is from the condensation on the exterior of your car's colder parts in this hellish weather we have.

My car drips a frikkin lake.

The scratch... Fastest way? put a piece of duct tape on it. thats also the cheapest way. (You asked)

If the scratch is a surface scratch, it MAY be able to be buffed out, or at least made less visible. Yellow Hat Japan in Times Square Center in Dubai work wonders in that department.

If the scratch is substantial and has gotten all the way down to the basecoat, or worse, the whole panel needs to be painted. Not cheap, or fast, but the best way. It'll ensure that the whole panel has auniformed color AND that your scratch doesnt start rusting.

rosh said...

Pimp my car/ride eh? I don't know why anyone would wanna do that? But hey! it's a free world :)

Anonymous said...

lol ;-)

Clueless said...

Cheers BIT! Much appreciate. One worry off my mind regarding the dripping.

I'll try Yellow Hat. LOL about the duct tape, gud to see you have a sense of humour!

Virginise© my car said...

oops, wrong name above!

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